Friday, January 29, 2010

The Hair District - Chanhassen

How I miss you girls! 

I've been a stay at home mom for a little over two years now and I love every minute of it!  I must admit though, I've been missing my old friends at The Hair District of Chanhassen lately.  I've never work with a better group of people, women. 

I became a hairstylist in my early 30's.  After "beauty school" I went to a salon where I was an apprentice.  I was paired with Ryan, an amazing hair stylist and person.  I miss him and wonder how he's doing. {Check facebook, friend requested!}  Ryan was moving on from the salon we worked at and I knew that staying at the salon without him wasn't for me.  So I joined my friend Nikki at a salon in Eden Prairie to build clients.  We both knew that we would eventually be renters and work for ourselves but first we had to get clients.  That we did and in a very short amount of time I might add.  After about 8 months we figured we might as well take the plunge and we found the Hair District in Chanhassen to rent from.  If I remember right there are 18 stations and since a few people share stations, (part-time) there were about 24 stylist.

I loved working there.  I thought I'd work there forever.  I never really had any intentions of moving anywhere else.  Renting was the ideal situation as far as I was concerned.  I made my own schedule, set my own prices, I was the boss.  I worked for me.  I loved it!  I loved the clients too! 

Then I met my husband, got married, had a baby and then another.  It was just before Karley was born that we decided it would be best for our family for me to stay home.  Even though I was able to make my own schedule, it had to be one when people could actually come.  That meant nights and possibly some Saturdays.  It just wasn't how we envisioned our family.  Me working two or three evenings and then Adam working the other evenings so he could get all his work done.  Plus he was working Saturdays and so was I.  I'd work the morning and then he'd bring Henry to me and we'd go home and he'd go to work.  Just so we could get the work done.  It just wasn't ideal for our family.  

The way I see it....I had the best job ever.  I always wanted to cut hair.  Why didn't I figure this out after high school?  Really, I had some great jobs prior in the travel field.  I've been to many, many places in the U.S., Europe and I've even set foot in Africa.  Those perks were great but still, nothing compares to being your own boss, being creative and talking to clients/friends all day.  Oh, did I mention Caribou was right next door to the salon?

The best for last. 

The women I worked with were phenomenal.  Superstars!  What made them so special?  We all worked together while working apart, in competition.  It's amazing to think of now, we all wanted the next client walking through the door.  That's how we made money, paid the rent, so to speak.  But it wasn't really like that.  Sure you wish it would have been you that got the client when you didn't but, we were genuinely happy for the other stylist.  It's just how it rolls.  And you didn't have a that was really fun.  We had a nice break room with a dining room table and chairs.  Sweet!  Speaking of sweets....the rule, if you leave it's community property.  Can  you just imagine the food?  Food days....oh man!  Everybody brought something in and we ate!  We ate.  We ate.  It's a good thing we have to stand to do our jobs!  Magazines galore, crafts, crossword puzzles, wedding and baby invitations.  We all knew each others stories, watched each other get married, have babies, move out of town, and sadly for some, move to other salons or as in my case, stay home with kids. 

One of the things that I miss most was that wink across two or three mirrors when you were doing an awesome cut, or when there was a locks for love cut was going on and Karen knew I was almost in tears and hugged me as soon as I was done with my own cut.  Man, the hugs....I miss that!  How many hugs were given in that break room?  There was a sisterhood in the salon that you just don't run across everyday.  While we all celebrated in the good stuff, we were also there in the struggles of life.  It was a great comfort to know you always had a friend, or 20 that would offer words of encouragement, support, hugs, and laughter.  

Encouragement.  An action that was always present.  We all encouraged each other to try new things and to think out of the box.  Praise, oh, the praise.  You heard from your clients {or at least I hope so} but to hear it from your peers, that's the best.  Praise was offered up at every corner, by all and for all.  No jealousy to speak of.  Everybody was important, the receptionist, the stylists, and the salon manager (miss you Trish!).

There may be days that go by that I don't think of these wonderful women {but then again, I get facebook updates on a regular basis from Salina & Morgan (sisters) that crack me up!} but never a week that doesn't go by that I think of them and miss them all.  While I do miss them, if I worked outside our home I would miss my kids more.  Towards the end of my working I would cry on my way to work because I missed Henry and felt like I should be with him.  I am so thankful to my husband for making this all work.

The salon girls, they all were the best people I've ever worked with.  EVAH!

Cheers to you Hair District girls! 

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