Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In the last few weeks I've really noticed some fun changes in Henry.  It's not something I can easily put my finger on except to say that he's changed. 

When Sophie arrived he still very much needed my assistance with ordinary tasks, like putting on his clothes and shoes.  He didn't quite follow directions all the way through.  Actually, he can still get very side tracked.  He couldn't buckle himself in his car seat and the list goes on.

In just the last few weeks, things have changed for Henry and for myself.  He has dressed himself from head to toe and has been so proud to do so.  He announces, "My do it".  We make a big deal that he can do it and I have to admit, it's nice!  I can tend to girls while he helps himself a little.  He is also starting to get into his carseat buckles so all I need to do it push and snap them up.  It is nice. 

I guess in one sense you could say that he is really stepping up to the plate.  Actually, he will bring his dinner plate over to the dishwasher!  I was pretty impressed with that!  He's been really helpful and he's been very loving to his sisters.  I've witnessed him talking to Sophie in baby talk, being very affectionate with her, giving her toys, and today while she's been sick he has stroked her head in a very loving way.  He has been calling Karley "Sis" and has been very dotting and helpful with her as well.  I won't mention that he has also received time-outs today for hitting her.   

Since he's been able to do more, I allow him to do more.  An example would be instead of me getting something for him, say yogurt, I let him get it and take the lid off.  These aren't big huge things, but when I became a mother of three kids all under the age of three, he wasn't able to do too many things on his own.  Maybe that was because he still wanted to need me?  In any case, he's progressing right along.  So sweet and yet so sad.  What can you do?  Just keep going and have as much fun as possible along the way!  Maybe stop to make some brownies?

Speaking of sad, we've also had to tell him what lying & sneaking are all about.  I've had to tell him how Mom & Dad don't like it and neither does Jesus.  That lying is making a bad choice.  It's been hard to actually catch him in a lie.  {That's just great, he's only three and I think it's hard now?}  He will say Karley did something and I am not always sure which one did.  So I don't want to accuse him, especially when we trying to get the message across.  It's a learning curve for all of us.  I can remember a friend telling me, "Your first is always your first, no matter what it is, it's still the first for them and the first for you, no matter how many kids you have".  It's so true.  So there are always things we are learning as well as Henry.  I also expect, as parents, what we do and how we do it could change from the first child to the last.

Henry is such a daily delight for us as well as for his sisters.  He's still my soft blankie, corner sucking, baby.  In my eyes, he will always be my sweet baby boy even if when I really look at him, I realize that he doesn't have any "baby" left.  It is fun to watch him prosper into such a nice young boy even if I cry thinking his baby days are over.  As his parents we look forward to all the fun adventures of camping, bike riding, making forts, looking for frogs and all the other fun things boys his age do.


I love you sweet baby boy!

To leave you with a cute thought.....

Henry: "What are you doing Mom?"

Me: "Making eggs, well I am boiling them" 

Henry:  "You've got to be kidding me Mom!"

Me:  "No Henry, I'm not kidding you"

Have a great day!

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