Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Break 2013 Catch Up Volume 1

It's pretty safe to assume these days that I'm not going to be able to post every day like I think I'm going to when I linked up to this project.  I have great intentions but the busyness of our summer has gotten away from me. 
We are operating on little structure other than what just comes along.  For instance, I thought August was going to be less busy but we've just signed up for another two week swim lesson camp that is 45 minutes away and starts at 11:30.  You can see how that eats up a good chunk of the day. 
Sophie's birthday is on Saturday and her party on Sunday.   That makes for some extra shopping, cleaning, cooking and house guests.  All good, all great, all allows for little extra time for blogging.  
Our summer has been great, we have enjoyed many many things that hopefully I'll be able to post about soon.  While we are still in the summer mode we are also getting stuff ready for the school year.  Yesterday uniforms for Karley came.  Half of the order was a hit, the other a miss.  I knew that was about how it would go, hence the early start.  Shirts are itchy and waists are big.  Thank God for a Gram that can sew!  The itchy on the other hand is going to take a lot more work and searching.  We also picked up some school supplies on the way back from swimming lessons.  Wow, two in school full time one starting pre-school.

So back to the August Break 2013:

Here is a small recap of my stretching this August Break 2013 photo recap:

1. Breakfast (Need to fill)

2. Circles:

3.  Yellow:

4.  Love:

5.  Close Up (Need to fill)
6.  Diagonals (Need to fill)

So that's all I have for today.  Off to make breakfast (oh....ideas), swim lessons, Shred etc.  Hope you have a great day!


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