Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Swimming

Last weekend we went camping with a family very dear to us.  They are how Adam and I met nine years ago and while we don't get to see them as often as we'd like but it's always a fun time when we do.  The M-sette's have grown with us from the beginning and our family lives have somewhat happened at the same time, them being a little ahead of us most of the way.  
Adam and I have each had our own adventures with them before any of us had children and boy were those fun!  Now we all have children, who are all about the same age, and our adventures have changed.  
Two years ago both families traveled out to South Dakota's Black Hills together.  This year we were only able to get away for a weekend but it was a memorable one!  Next year we hope to be able to do something a little further from home and a little longer.
Of all the things we did over the short weekend, this was by far and away this kid's favorite thing to do.



Well, except for maybe one child.  She kind of preferred to sit by the stairs.  If you look a little closer to the picture, or maybe you don't have to look that close, she is terrified and clinging on for dear life with Daddy.  {I think you'll notice by Daddy's tan, he doesn't spend much time in the pool and I'm not one to talk.}
On the way home we make a few decisions about our kids activities, or lack thereof.  We haven't put them in too many activities.  Henry was in soccer for two years, Karley for one and this summer neither one wanted to do it at all.  They both did a round of swim lessons through community ed last year and this year.  This year neither one passed to the next level and I was left with little to zero information with why, but to repeat the level.  That was a little heartbreaking, but not surprising, considering how much time they really don't spend in the water.  Lastly, Karley has two years of community ed dance under her tutu.
We live in a pretty remote area and unless you're willing to drive and spend money, community ed is as good as it gets.  In all honesty, I haven't been willing to drive, be out late, over dinner and ask to spend the money.  That is until last weekend after spending time with the M-settes. 
In the end I had some conversations with the kids on what they want to do for activities over the next school year.  They want to swim.  I've even finally convinced Sophie or so I think.  {She's my attached child who left dance last year bawling and wouldn't go back}  I may just end up getting in the pool with her, please no.
So this week and next the big two are taking classes at a swim school 45 minutes each way for a 30 minute lesson.  It's a good school and I could tell the first five minutes into the class just how much better it was.  The place is set up for everything you could need or want for swimming lessons.  The best part is the kids love it.  Or maybe the best part is that Sophie said she'd take lessons solo!  {I will be praying for this!}
During the school year if we can work this out the girls will start gymnastics at a gymnastics academy which is only about 20 minutes away, but almost 40 from school.  Henry will continue swimming and by the grace of God, we'll work the girls into swimming as well. I'm going to have to be more prepared for dinners, menu plans are going to be the rule {unlike this summer}, crockpot meals and soup ahead as well as snacks prepared for the drive to these places.  And most of all a good attitude especially come January when I'm tired of driving all over and feel like my homebody self is never home. 
The kids will have fun and that's what it's all about!

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  1. You are so much better at taking the kids to classes than me! In the summer we do swimming lessons but once school starts we don't do any outside classes. Our schedule is so full with homework, dinner, baths ect, I don't know how we'd fit it in! Kudos to you for making it work!

  2. Hi Bobbi....well, hopefully it will all work! If not, well I guess we go back and re-work it. Ask me in January how it's working! He he!


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