Saturday, May 16, 2009

5-10-09 Picture of the Day

Mother's Day
I had a very nice Mother's Day and I think my kids did too even though you can't tell by looking at Karley. What happened to my princess who loves the camera? We started out the day by going to church followed by a buffet breakfast at D'Vinci's. It was good, as usual. I think we ran up to Menard's for some more "timbers" (Henry calls all pieces of wood timbers now, due to the swing set/sandbox project). For dinner we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some "Buffalo"for dinner. :) Now every time we head north from our house Henry asks if we are going to Buffalo. I am not sure if he means the town Buffalo or if we are going to eat buffalo? Anyway....I had a wonderful day. Oh, I should little buddy bought me flowers that our church was selling. It was so sweet. He was so proud of himself as he brought them over to me. What a sweet heart he has. I am so thankful for my family. My husband is wonderful and so are our kids!

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