Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Cross

The Cross

I really have to get this on paper before I forget or perhaps he doesn't say it anymore.  I am sure one day Little Big Boy will call this a "cross" but for now, it's a "cross of a church".  He seems them everywhere.  With excitement he yells, "It's a cross of a church Mom".  Last week we were at the cemetery, and he was saddened that, "that cross of a church is broken, Mom".  I replied, "oh hunny, it's not broken it's just laying down on it's side".  It was a cross laying sideways over the top of a headstone.

During our last full moon, which you could see from our breakfast bar, Little Big Boy told us there was a cross of a church outside.  Huh?  Big Daddy told him no Buddy, it's the moon.  LBB insisted.  Sure enough when we kept looking we could see how the light of the moon cast a cross from it!  Isnt' that something?
My Little Big Boy likes to draw pictures for the priest in our local church and also for the priest at the church we attend.  I have yet to hand them over, I almost want to keep them and put them in his "box of memories".  Each time he sees the pictures on my dresser he says, "that's for Father A and that one is for Father B".  "Yes, hunny they are."  I suppose I should give them up because I am sure they would like to know that somebody is thinking of them and drawing pictures for them and their fridge!

My Little Big Boy knows Jesus and I hope that I can help him continue on that path.

Have a great day!

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