Saturday, November 14, 2009

Favorite Things

Good Morning or Good afternoon, perhaps Good Evening?!

This might be long, so grab a cup of joe and have a seat!

I had my blog on my mind a lot lately.  As you can see I've got a new look.  It took a long time for me to figure this all out.  I am not a HTML code expert but I had fun with it!  I've thought it would be fun to design blogs some day.  Not anytime soon as I am really slow and need to learn more about all this code.  I made this change and then the next day I wanted to change it again!  Instead I decided to re-focus and figure out what I am doing with my blog name before proceeding. 

That being said I have realized that I have not given out my Starbucks or Caribou card yet.  I am sorry for the delay.  I am hoping to make a decision about the title/URL soon.  I've been thinking of pieces some of your suggestions together, keep the blog similar to what it is, and then I've thought of a few ideas completely different.  I was close....I was going to change the URL to but it's gone.  I also thought of living my dream....that's gone too.  I think "the fisher dream" was available.  I just want to make sure it's right before I change it because once it's's done.  I like that Amanda is i am mommy, MckMama is well, you know, MckMama, etc.  I thought of having my name "" but that's gone too.  Seems as if all the simple things I want are all taken....I must be late to the game.  I am still thinking and if you are can let me know what your thoughts are on this post or the Starbucks or Caribou post or you can e-mail me as well.  Whichever, you know, because I check it all out!  So bear with the construction, please?

It's been a long week and another long week ahead of us.  Big Daddy has been super busy on a project at work.  It should come to an end by the end of next week.  We are thankful that's he's had this opportunity because all in all his work has been slow.  He's been gone before the sun comes up (when it does) and home after the kids are in bed.  Things have been a little loosey goosey around here which is fine because I can't run a tight ship for days on end.  Laundry is backed up, kids have been having extra snacks, and you know, whatever works so Mommy isn't frazzled to pieces by two weeks end.

What else? 

Since having all these ideas about my blog I've had to start writing them all down.  I thought about doing a "favorite things carnival".   Here's why.  I was getting Sophie dressed the other day and I thought about the little shoes (leather slippers) that I put on her and was thinking how these are my favorite things.  Why, because they keep her socks on and then her feet stay warm not to mention they're cute!  I used them with all my babes.  It brought me to thinking that I should blog about it and then I thought would people comment and tell me their favorite things?  After all, we are all about sharing right?   We'll see how it goes.  How about Friday's Favorites?  I'll do it MckLinky style and if you want to join please do!  I don't expect a list of a 1,234,890 people but if just one person adds...well then that will be good enough.  Or hey if nobody does, then you just get me and my favorite thing.  Can be anything....whatever happens to be your favorite.  Remember when I did this post about Brazilian Nut shower gel and lotion...something like that.  Maybe a picture if you have it? 

I'll start it next Friday, that will give me time to get my MckLinky all ready, think of another favorite thing and
for you to think of your favorite thing!

Have a great day!  Talk to you tomorrow perhaps?

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