Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Henry's 3rd Birthday Part 2

As I mentioned in the previous post we didn't get to the presents on his actual birthday....so he opened them the next morning. By the way, do you ever notice that our kids are in their pajamas a lot? Or a t-shirt? I have!

Henry hammed it right up for the camera. I think they both are starting to get that I am going to take 1,232,456 pictures for each event. How do I know? Because they are walking around saying, "Cheese" and have a "camera" to their eyes.

We all love Playmobile!

It was a Thomas birthday so it only seemed right to get a movie.

This little miss....she wasn't happy with the fact she didn't have any presents. Thankfully Henry let her operate some of his Handy Mandy cars.

Here's the next day, (yes we had a birthday weekend).

YEAH! More Playmobile! This one actually shoots water, but sshhh, don't tell!

And every boy loves John Deere.

Look at this little cutie! He's my Godson!

Wait there's another cutie pie. He loves to have his picture taken. Can you see why? He's so photogenic!

The grand finale.  Here it is. The blue monster! Adam and I were up late the night before the party cooking and cake decorating. The last thing on the list was this big blue. I did her up and Adam turned around and burst out laughing. He couldn't believe I did this. Blue cake. Blue cake all over kids clothing. Blue cake all over thier hands. Blue cake. Blue cake all over our light colored carpeting. Blue cake. So by the time it I was putting the letters on we were pretty slap happy and I was laughing so hard the letters barely spelled, "Happy Birthday Henry". But they did. The cake was still good eats. There was just blue cake everywhere.

You know what? Henry loved it. He didn't care. His blue cake matched Thomas. Thomas is blue. So there you go. Blue Cake.


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