Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Henry's Birthday, Again?

Since my Mom, Step-Dad, Sister and her girls weren't able to make Henry's birthday the first go around due to "flu like symptoms" we had a little impromptu birthday gathering on Sunday.  He, of course, was more than happy to get more presents!  I ended  up taking a lot of  photos of Karley only because she was so cute and messy while eating her cupcake.

Without further ado......

The Breakfast Club - One

Happy Birthday Little Big Boy X 3

This is Henry's buddy.  She gladly plays with the younger kids.  They make houses, forts, go the store, make supper and just about anything imaginable.  Henry just loves playing with Hannah.  I secretly wanted her to stay the rest of the week because I am almost on auto pilot when she's here.  The dad after they left Henry re-created all the forts and houses they made and told Muffin what to do and where to sit.  It was super cute to watch and listen.  We love you Hannah Bear!

It's so fun to have my nieces come and stay with us. 

Have a wonderful day!

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