Friday, November 20, 2009

Still....Under Construction

I had hoped to start "Favorite Things" today, but since my blog is still under construction with the transition from my blogspot domain to "Go Daddy"?? and the fact that comments still aren't available (for reasons unknown to me) I am going to wait.  That was a long sentence.  It probably wasn't even a sentence was it?

Next Friday will be "Black Friday" so let's just start the first Friday of December.  Maybe all you Black Friday shoppers will be able to post some new favorite things you might have come across?

My sister and her two girls are coming today and then my Mom is coming tomorrow.  I am excited to have them all here.  It's bonus for me because Big Daddy will be working late tonight as well as all weekend.  I think his "project" will be finished on Sunday.  Cross your fingers for me us!  It will be nice to have him home at a decent hour and home on the least one day.

My sister will be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a surgical nursing class!  It will be nice to spend some time with her.  Maybe we'll even catch a movie or something?  Shopping?  We might head to Mudd Lake this weekend!  She's a Twilight fan and would love to see New Moon but I haven't read any of those books.  Have you?  Did you enjoy them?  I wish you could tell me!  I'll be working on that soon!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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