Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5-26-09 Photo of the Day

New Fashions in Waverly

More Memorial Weekend Photos

Henry and Adam were fishing off the dock at North Star Resort in Federal Dam, MN. We went camping there with my sister, Tonya and her two girls, Hailey & Hannah, the Matter's, and my parents Jan & Jim. Brad Matter actually caught a really nice crappie off the dock. I was surprised. The order of these pictures didn't come out right. This would be Henry's first fish...a little perch. It was so cute and he was so excited. He actually touched the fish which I was very surprised about. We were all down there and of course made a huge deal of it. It was just so darn cute. I wish I would have been able to get a closer shot.
I absolutely love the picture of Adam and Henry coming back to the campsite holding hands. It will be one of my forever favorites!
We are so blessed!

Memorial Weekend Camping

Memorial Weekend Pictures

Grandpa Jim taking the kids on their first boat ride

Notice Henry had to take his blankie on the boat ride

My wonderful husband relaxing!!

5-24-09 Photo of the Day

Henry & Karley's First Boat Ride

Grandpa Jim took the kids on their first boat ride while we were camping at North Star Resort on Leech Lake. We were about 3.5 hours north of our home. We had excellent weather and even better company!

5-23-09 Photo of the Day

Karley Jane

Happy Birthday Dad!

5-21-09 Photo of the Day

Sibling Fun

5-18-09 Photo of the Day

Our Karley loves to mess around during dinner. I often wonder if she'll ever stop throwing her food on the floor, stop dumping her entire plate, or like this picture, stop putting the food on her head??? We still think she's a cutie....but sometimes...I am so frustrated that my floor looks like spaghetti!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5-17-09 Photo of the Day

Today we went to my father-in-law's (John) house for a family picture. John is selling his house so Daphne (Adam's sister) wanted to have a group shot of us before the house is sold. Adam thinks the tree may have already been at this house when his parents bought it over 30 years ago. It gorgeous to say the least. I don't have any pictures of our entire family so I will only post the four of us. It was a beautiful day!

5-16-09 Photo of the Day

The Big Kids!

5-15-09 Photo of the Day

No, I am not growing a garden!
Well, there is no other way to say it....this is gross! I guess sometimes when you shop at Costco you forget about certain foods that may be downstairs. In this case, I am sure you can figure out that I forgot about the potatoes. Henry isn't very found of bugs...Mommy has to come and get them....but for some reason Henry and Karley thought the potatoes (if you still call them potatoes at this point) were fun.

5-14-09 Photo of the Day

I think this is pretty self explanatory!!

5-13-09 Photo of the Day

Henry loves
"sleeping " in
MaMa's bed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5-12-09 Photo of the Day

Henry's Baby "Two"
Henry took this baby (given to him by Auntie Tonya for Christmas before Karley was born) with when we went to Auntie Daffy's house for haircuts. He had to put the baby in "buckles". The baby's name is "Two". I am guessing because Henry is two??? Two was previously named "Tina". He buckled the whole thing himself. That just seemed like it should be the picture of the day.

5-11-09 Picture of the Day

My Little Henry & Curious
What a fun little boy! He loves his stuffed animals, blankie (that's his best friend, just ask him who his best friend is and he'll tell you "blankie"), legos and whatever else is the toy just before leaving the house or going to bed. He always wants to take it with. So my truck is loaded with this or that and so is his bed. Henry is taking Curious for a little ride. What a sweet heart!

5-10-09 Picture of the Day

Mother's Day
I had a very nice Mother's Day and I think my kids did too even though you can't tell by looking at Karley. What happened to my princess who loves the camera? We started out the day by going to church followed by a buffet breakfast at D'Vinci's. It was good, as usual. I think we ran up to Menard's for some more "timbers" (Henry calls all pieces of wood timbers now, due to the swing set/sandbox project). For dinner we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some "Buffalo"for dinner. :) Now every time we head north from our house Henry asks if we are going to Buffalo. I am not sure if he means the town Buffalo or if we are going to eat buffalo? Anyway....I had a wonderful day. Oh, I should little buddy bought me flowers that our church was selling. It was so sweet. He was so proud of himself as he brought them over to me. What a sweet heart he has. I am so thankful for my family. My husband is wonderful and so are our kids!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5-9-09 Photo of the Day

After a lot of work today the swing set is finally up! Adam's Dad, John came over today to help him put it up, what a blessing! It would have taken so long for Adam to put it together by himself. The only things that are left are to put two roofs on and stain it. I hope we like the color we picked. :0) The kids played in it all afternoon, even though it was kind of cold outside today. They love it! I am guessing by the end of Summer Karley will be a little more up to speed.

5-8-09 Photo of the Day

Today Adam got off work early, which was so nice, and came to fill the sand box with beautiful sand. I never thought I'd say that sand is beautiful but this sand is so soft and clean. Love it! I think I must have taken this picture when he was all done loading and shoveling this sand in the box. I love my hard working husband! He's the best. Also pictured is our family dog Piper. She's a pretty good girl with the exception of her unsupervised jaunts around our neighborhood. She's really good with the kids! I think Karley like her a little more than Henry does. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

5-7-09 Photo of the Day

I went to dinner with my two sister-in-laws for Mother's Day. We went to a great little place in Waconia called "The Green Room". It was delicious! L to R: Me, Daphne (Adam's Sister) and Jennifer (Adam's brother's wife). Great food, great conversation and I hear great wine! :)

I am 24 weeks pregnant in this picture.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5-6-09 Photo of the Day

Today we met Auntie Daphne and Cousin Nicholas at Wally World and then they came over for lunch. As we were leaving they were holding hands. I thought this was the cutest thing. Then when we were walking out (which usually Henry is always in the cart at Wally World) he didn't want my hand he wanted Nicks. Very cute!

Of course I just had to take Karley's pic as she was just too cute holding on to her baby while in the cart.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5-5-09 Photo of the Day

This is the retaining wall for the swing set. I think the dimensions are 20 x 32? We are hoping to have the set up this weekend. I think the sand will come after?? Then my work will begin...staining! Adam has worked really worked a lot to get this, along with many other, projects done quickly! I have an awesome "McGuyver" husband!!!

5-4-09 Photo of the Day

As you can tell we are in the midst of all kind of projects around our house. Karley was playing with Henry's skidloader this morning. She actually loaded up this wrapper and was wheeling it around the train table.
It's hard to get a picture of her where she isn't posing. As soon as she sees the camera she squats down and smiles big. It's so cute. You'll get to know the pose!!! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5-3-09 Photo of the Day

Grandpa came over today to help Adam with the sandbox for our swing set. I took this picture of Karley trying to get Pa Pa's pen from him. I also have to add Henry in the skid for a second picture of the day! The sandbox is almost ready to go in. The retaining wall is pretty big! Wait until you see it! We are hoping to have the swing set up next weekend. I am not sure if we will bring the sand in before or after. Once all that is done I can start staining it. We are so excited for the kids to have this in the backyard.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

5-2-09 Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
When Henry went to take his nap he wrapped his baby in his "blankets" and he really swaddled it the best he could. I was really surprised because I haven't done this in ages (Karley) and there is no way he would remember. I wondered and wondered where he could have known how to do this? Ah ha....there is a gal at Bible Study who just had baby and swaddled the baby up when we were there. He must have seen this and took note of what you do with a baby. He has the baby covered up again with three blankets and made sure he didn't covered up the head! AMAZING! They take everything in!

5-1-09 Photo of the Day

While outside the kids decided to lock themselves in Piper's kennel.....what do you do!!???

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