Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well Baby Checks

Today I rounded up the troops and we headed to Sophie's first well baby check up and Karley's 18 month well baby check up. It was nice to be able to them both at the same time but the time was not actually the best. It was bumping into lunch followed by nap and it was all coming early today because Henry decided to wake up at 5:30 AM and Karley was at 6:30 AM. I was getting pretty creative in the room while we waited for everything to be finished.

My big girl....she's 34" tall (97th %) and weighs 27 lbs 8 oz (85th %).

My little girl.....she's 21 1/2" tall (80%) and weighs 9 lbs 4 oz (50th %).

Her little umbilical cord stump is gone. I cried and cried over this. It never bothered me for the "big kids". I was actually so glad for it to be gone. I thought I would feel the same way for Sophie as well until it was almost off. Then it hit me, this is my last baby and her last physical connection to being in my body is gone. Oh, it makes me all teary just thinking of it. My Wonderful Husband reminds me, "these kids are so connected to you, don't worry" and gives me a big hug.

He's so sweet. I love him more and more each day. I feel like I've fallen in love with him all over

Sophie had her first real bath. She did really well. I thought I would do her bath when the "big kids" had their bath (My Wonderful Husband usually does their bath!). They finished early and came running to us. They were so excited and so helpful. Now, they hardly take a bath and are in with me giving Sophie a bath.

They love their sister and it makes me so happy!

All is well. I love my family. I love my life. I am so blessed. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Auntie "Daffy" Daphne

A big, big, big, shout out to Auntie "Daffy" Daphne for all the care she gave Henry & Karley while I went to my numerous doctor appointments!!! Another member of our village!

Our Village

While we were in the hospital we had our village come and stay with us.

My sister and her two girls came Sunday, 8/9/09, and stayed until Tuesday, 8/11/09. It was so nice to just be able to leave our kids here sleeping in their own beds while we left for the hospital. This was especially nice since we weren't sure if we would be able to have the baby on 8/10. My kids adore Auntie "Ton- a" and she knows their ins and outs as she does our home.

My Mom came on Tuesday, 8/11, and stayed with us until Saturday, 8/15. This was great to say the least. This means that she was here when we came home from the hospital! She cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, played with the kids, allowed me to take naps and was "just Mom and Grandma" to us all! We love her! And are so thankful that she was able to come and stay with us! Oh I should also say, she wiped booggy noses during her whole stay which ended up with her sick. She left a day early to go home and recover. Sorry Mom!

Late Monday, 8/17 my sister came back to stay with us until Wednesday, 8/19. She had vacation this week and wanted to come and do a little school clothes shopping for her girls. Then she was nice enough to drive us all to get photos taken of Sophie. She is a lifesaver!

On Wednesday, 8/19 my Dad & Sally came to stay with us until Friday, 8/21. Wow! They were awesome! They played with the kids a ton! They took them everywhere a person could go in our one horse town! The kids had a great time! I am so thankful.

This all being said....we have had a host of company since the day before the birth of our little Sophie. Yesterday was our first day of going it alone. I really did it alone because my Wonderful Husband picked up a side job and is working the weekend. I miss him!

As much as I don't want time to go by, I don't want our baby to get big, I do. I will enjoy the ease of life when she's a little older, but oh I hate to say that because the time will go by so fast. It already does....I see it when I look at the other two kids. It goes by way too fast. Bittersweet. I say this because it will be nice when my husband and I aren't so tired that as soon as the kids go to bed all we can think about it the last feeding before "night" and some much needed sleep.

I need to post some pictures too! Man on man...time just gets away from me. So does cleaning! Oh well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

On the Mend

Our first family outing was on Sunday. It was an impromptu occasion which doesn't really happen too often. We went to our County Fair! It was late on Sunday afternoon and we all felt up for it. This was surprising because Adam was sick, Karley and Henry had a cold and I was still recovering from my c-section. Sophie was the only one of us at top notch. We thought we might as well as long as we kept it short.

It was a fun time!

The kids had a blast! You wouldn't be able to tell that anybody was on the mend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The day was supposed to start at 4:15 am, however, after I awoke at 2:15 am I wasn't able to go back to sleep. I was awake for about an hour wondering how the rest of the day would unfold and that's when I started having contractions, yeah! I stayed in bed until about 4:00 am and then got up and started getting ready for the "big day".

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am for the amniocentesis. But before the amnio I had a "NST" (Non Stress Test). They hook up two monitors on my baby belly and then I push a button every time the baby moves. She moved a lot in between the contractions I was still having. Since I was having regular contractions Dr F checked to see how far I was dilated in hopes that I would not even have to do the amnio. No such luck. On to the amnio.


My neighbor was right, there wasn't much to be worried about with the amnio. I guess there certainly could be but at this point (38 weeks), my husband and I felt comfortable doing this. Our doctor was also very comfortable with the procedure. She does an ultrasound to find a pocket of fluid and then preps my baby belly for the needle insertion. I was given Novocaine in the area that she actually would put the needle in. I should also mention that she does not do the procedure if the only fluid she can find is around the baby's face. So there was the possibility that we would have to try again later if that happened. Thankfully for us, she found two good "spots" she could pull fluid from. After about an hour our nurse came back and said we were a "go". Now on to prepping for the c-section.

I was impressed with how all three of my c-sections were handled. Each experience was different but the birth of Karley and Sophie were more alike than the birth of Henry. I'll write about the birth of my older two in another post.

This is how it went for Sophie.

After the nurse said we were going to have her today there were a number of neurological staff members that came in to ask questions about my health and the pregnancy. They really took the time to make sure everything was okay. Then they started an IV line with "fluids". Adam was asked to change into his scrubs and then we would go down to the Operating Room. When I think about this I still feel the same way when we were going to the OR. I gave my husband a hug and had tears in my eyes. I kept thinking about the story of Matt, Liz & Madeline. I feared this would happen to us. I walked down to the OR and then when I was all "set up" then Adam would come into the room. The room was extremely cold. I am not sure why but for some reason it's supposed to be that way. I was shaking. The anesthesiologist put a heater in my blanket to keep me warm until they actually started. Adam came in, I was so glad to see him. I think from that point on I cried the entire time. It seemed to take forever. Adam watched the entire time and I just watched him. I knew I would know from him if something was wrong. On they go. Adam took pictures as soon as he could see the baby being pulled out of my belly. In my opinion they really are something to see. I am glad I have these pictures. She cried and then I cried even more.


It was amazing, awesome, a miracle, sweet, and a true blessing from God.

She is amazing, awesome, a miracle, sweet and a true blessing from God.

Adam is amazing, awesome a miracle, sweet, my rock and a true blessing from God.

After the team assessed the Sophie, she and Adam left for the nursery. Then they stitched me up. It took what seemed like forever. I had a lot of whatever it was they gave me to not feel anything and what was odd was that I didn't feel like I was breathing. It was the strangest thing. I felt like I had to take huge deep breaths. I expressed my concern to the anesthesiologist and he said he is a normal feeling (not one that I ever had before) and that I was doing "great". I guess I was doing "great" but it sure "felt" odd and scary. I was glad to be wheeled out of there. I was then brought to the my room where Adam and Sophie joined me.

Our older (that sounds funny to say since they really aren't much older) joined us. My sister was watching them and was nice enough to bring them to see us. We were so shocked by how much they were in love with her. They were all about kisses and making sure she was in the "crib".

My sister and her two girls, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends all came to visit us in the hospital. We enjoyed all we came, brought gifts and sent well wishes. Thank you! We are surrounded by wonderful people!

PS. Having a c-section was not my original "birth plan" but sometimes you get what you get. I am just glad all my babes were delivered to me safely.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here She Is

August 10, 2009
8 Pounds 9 Ounces
20 Inches

She's a wonderful baby!

Me and my babes!

Friday, August 7, 2009

For Kerri Ann - My Blog Friend

Yesterday my neighbor Kerri came over with her son and the new "baby" at daycare. She came over to see how our laundry room has transformed into our baby's new room (I'll post pictures soon). She liked it by the way! I was glad that she was bringing the baby for two reasons, first, I could maybe get a glimpse of how Karley would react to me holding a baby. The second reason was simply to see the baby.

Karley wasn't exactly thrilled. She didn't react the same way Henry did when he first saw her (she cried, he cried and wanted nothing to do with either of us. I don't even need to mention how that effected me.) She didn't cry either. She just had a look like "what the heck?" A little later when I picked the baby up Karley didn't really do much. I guess that's a good sign for next week? We'll see our baby might be a different story.

I was instantly in love with the baby. This baby.....this poor baby who comes to daycare from foster care. Whose mother, thankfully, was forced to give her up because of her neglect to her other 5 children and her terrible drug use. The answer is yes, she was more than likely doing drugs while pregnant. The baby seems to be doing well and doesn't have any after effects of her mother's poor choices. But really I guess that remains to be seen. This so saddens me. It also breaks my heart that this baby doesn't have a name. She's nine weeks old and doesn't have a name.

I sat and watched this beautiful baby and thought of my blogger friend Kerri Ann. Watching this baby just Melted My Heart. I so wanted to tell my neighbor Kerri to just leave her here....I'll take care of her. I'll make sure she never knows any hurt or pain like she may with her own mother. I won't let this baby go through all the suffering her older sisters have been through. I won't let her ever feel hunger. Hunger for food, love, attention and who knows what else. My neighbor feels the same way. I bet Kerri Ann feels the same way about a baby or child she hasn't yet met.

Some people or things just Melt My Heart. This baby was one. I pray for the best outcome for the baby and for her five sisters. I also thankful that Kerri Ann and her husband are going to be people that will be a safe harbor for a baby like "baby".

Used to Be

I thought I would sit down and write about how things are going with me during the last days of my final pregnancy.

I've started this post several times and my thoughts are all over the place. Are they always or just lately? Time will tell. Maybe I'll make it simple.

Today is sister and her two girls might come today. I'll find out shortly. We've talked about going to fair and then the boys would stay for the truck pull. What is a tractor pull? It's the craziest thing...semi-trucks pull weight down a straight stretch of a track and whoever can go the furthest the fastest with the most weight wins. Something like that. Doesn't it sound fun? Does it sound redneck? I think this idea has been scrapped due to the raining weather today. Then there was the idea of going to my sister-in-laws for haircuts and dinner. What do I mean haircuts? I mean I give all the kids haircuts as well as my brother-in-law. Yes, I am a professional haircutter. Or I used to be. I guess I can say I still am as I am licensed for two and half more years.

Saturday, I hope to make it to the grocery store alone. I'll get some things for my sister and Mom to make while I'm in the hospital. Saturday night we are going to our nephews 11th birthday party.

Sunday....relax spend the day at home. If it's nice go to the beach across the street with the kids. My sister will be here for sure on Sunday. We'll all hang out. Maybe I'll finish packing my bag? Probably should get that done.

Then Monday. Monday. Monday. August 10. Monday. Will we have a baby? I am thinking we will. BUT there is a chance we won't.

We really are going back to late night feedings, new baby teeth, teaching a baby how to eat, burp clothes, tiny diapers, swaddling, tiny fingers, tiny toes, crying in the middle of the night, and zero sleep. We are going to experience, first smiles, giggles, baptism, pictures galore, first rolling over, tummy time, first crawling, and first walking.

I am amazed at the fact that I will be away from my husband, kids (well, not all of them but being in the hospital is different), and home for three nights. I am not usually with out one of the people in my family. This is kind of a weird thing for me. Weird because I always used to be alone. Now I am never alone. That really is a strange thought for me.

We'll see what Monday brings...

Why I Blog

I was prompted to do a Photo of the Day by a friend and needed a place to put the pictures. I didn't want to clutter up facebook with a picture everyday. Nor did I/do I think all my facebook friends want to see some of the stupid pictures I take. So I thought I'd do a blog. I didn't even know about this world. During this start up process I saw a news story on MckMama. I thought I'd check out her blog. I asked myself, "what are these blogs all about?" Then I thought oh, I could do this and then my Mom (who lives 3 hours away) could see pictures of my kids more often than she gets to see my kids. It took her so long for the page to come up on her dial up connection so I am not even sure how much she checks this out. this time my reasons have changed even further. I have decided that I am just not going to get to any scrap booking any time soon. I don't really have a place to keep it all set up nor do I don't have the time to be away from home on a regular basis. Not to mention how much money it takes to get the pages all "perfect" I have started journaling by pen I've never kept it up. So blogging has now become a combination of scrap booking and journaling for my kids. I plan to put most of the content in a book at the end of each year and then someday my kids will have the books. So that is now my primary reason for blogging.

I think Mama Bear's Alphabity Moments would be a really fun book to have some day and will probably start that when they come back to "A" in a couple of weeks.

So with all that, I am thinking of how I might like to "set up" this book. I am thinking about "chapters" as I go and what to put in them. We'll see how things go. I plan on making the book at the end of each year? Too much content? Too little? We'll see.

I love making family calendars online so I think this book will also be a great idea. My hopes are to take better pictures and to become a better writer. It will be thoughts are always so "all over the board".

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Weekend

Last weekend was really the last weekend we had at home of doing "nothing' before the baby comes. This weekend coming up we have our nephew's birthday party and then my sister will be here on Sunday to take care of our kids starting Monday.

We decided to give the "projects" a rest and just do whatever. It was nice. I think Adam and I were both tired of trying to get everything done before the baby comes. It is what it is at this point. I think at this point I'd just like to clean my kitchen counter tops off, pack a bag for me and for the baby. Then it's all good. Oh load the car seat. Will that be "enough" to get done? Probably not. As I sit and write this I am thinking of a million more things I want to get done. When does it end? Like never?

Anyway, we had a good weekend. I quick snapped these two pictures from dinner on Saturday night. We grilled burgers, had tuna salad and local sweet corn. It was good. The kids skipped everything and only feasted on this:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This was actually my post for last Monday. I haven't really drummed one up for this week.

Friday wasn't a very good day for me. I was up every two hours and was extremely tired by morning I was exhausted. The kids were in a funk themselves and just didn't listen to anything. Of course I didn't have any patience either. So until I had a two hour afternoon nap, I just didn't function unless you call shedding a river of tears functioning. So I got a lot of Not Me's going on for Friday.

There is no way I would lay on the couch while my 2.5 year old emptied his own "little potty" into the toilet and then wash it out from the bathroom sink. Not me! I wouldn't be this (self imposed) confined to the couch.

Oh and something spilled on the floor but of course I cleaned that up right away.

I also wouldn't purposely let my kids sleep until 4:15 pm knowing full well this would mean they won't go to bed until late. So what does this mean? It means that I got more of a break during the day and my Wonderful Husband will probably be "daddying" with the kids while I go to bed early. I wouldn't do that (not normally). Not me!

I also wouldn't have not one, but two pair of underwear sitting on the sidewalk waiting to be sprayed out from a potty training accident. Not me! But if it were just on the side of the house sidewalk it wouldn't be as bad right?

What else? Could there be more. Oh yes I am sure there are plenty of things I wouldn't do, you know me being 36 weeks pregnant and all. I run a tight ship and my house is tidy and my kids are angels and I make "Becky Homecky" meals every night. That's just who I am, I can't help it. I never let things go.

I also never call my husband at 10 am and ask when he's coming home. Not me!

I am happy to say that this past week has been a better week. I decided I need to scale it back a little and relax!
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