Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend we had a little getaway for our fourth marriage anniversary. Grandma & Grandpa were kind enough to take Henry & Karley and my sister took Sophie. We left early Friday morning to drive three hours North so we could drop the kids off and then drove another hour and a half in another direction to Minnesota's port city of Duluth. I have a few aunts and uncles that live on the West End, one of whom was celebrating her 85th birthday. So we stopped for a quick visit with family. I didn't capture a picture of her because we were a little on the late side. Why? Well, we had a little bridge closed detour and decided to take an old logging road to get back on the right track. Oh, and yes, I have tree scratches on my "bus" compliments of the great north woods. Anywho.....we shopped, had hors' d' oeuvres, shopped, checked into our hotel and then had a really nice dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant on Canal Park. Their wine list was two inches thick. A little daunting for sure!

We were so looking forward to sleeping and relaxing. You would think that would be easy to come by on a Saturday morning when you don't have your three little kids. You might think that, but we were lucky enough to, unknowing, get a room next to the dish washing room. The hotel offeres complimentary breakfast and complimentary clinking, clanking and plate dropping at 7:00 AM.

We decided to do a little more shopping and then took a drive up the north shore. Even though I have been to Duluth a million zillion times as a kid I had never been up the north shore. Well, I was 13.1 miles from Canal Park, one time, but that was the farthest. Anyway, off we went. On our drive we saw a ship coming in. This brought back memories from my childhood when my sister and I would go to Duluth with our Grandparents. If we would see a ship come in we would beg them to drive down to Canal Park so we could watch the lift bridge go up. Such fun. As I reminisced Adam & I turned our drive into a scouting mission for our kids. I took a few pictures of some of the things we could come back next summer and show them.

We pulled over at the Glenshien Manson and took this picture. There is a story about this mansion, I can't remember it exactly. Upon my repeated request my Grandma would tell me the story over and over. You think I would remember for as many times as she told it to me. Something about some rich people (back in the day) and a murder. Is that right? There is a tour of the mansion that we should probably really take. We decided we would keep on making our way up the scenic route.

We made it to Two Harbors and found this. In the summer there are tours of the Edna G Tugboat. We wondered if it went through the Iron Ore Docks? That would be interesting. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture but there are train cars on the top of this platform.

Just a little walk away from the docs you will find this lighthouse. There are tours of this as well.

There were a few other little things to see and a few shops as well. And then when we decided to leave we found Bambi walking the streets of Two Harbors. The mailman was delivering the mail, we were driving through and Bambi was looking for an apple tree.

This is the, uh, forget the name....ship that you can take tours of???? In any case, you can take tours and this time of year it's all spooky scary so we decided we would just take a picture and call it good.

We ended our night at a little steak house called Pickwick. The room we ate in was so very toasty warm, I absolutely loved it. About half through our meal I saw the chef churning the white hot coals from of the oven. Ahhh....that's why I liked the steaks and why we were so warmed to the core.

Actually, we made one more stop....Fond du Luth. Not a fan. Not so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with Fond du Luth. It's a casino operated by local Native Americans. The long and the short of why I don't like it. I'm just not a fan of this kind of gambling. I do like to make the occasional bet with my husband. Like on our way home we almost put a wager on whether or not we could make it three towns to get gas or one. (I should have bet because I won by far!) I digress. But I am not a fan of the slots. I am also not a fan of the smell. Let's just say, my eyes hurt, my lungs hurt, my clothing stunk and my hair smelled. ISH

Sunday we did a little more shopping. Did you wonder why all the shopping? We have a birthday next week! We did a little scouting for that too! Then we drove an hour and a half to pick up the littles and then three more hours home!

We had a wonderful weekend! So many thanks to Gram, Grandpa, Auntie "Ton a", Hailey and Hannah! We couldn't have done it without you!
Most importantly, I want to say how much I love my husband! How blessed I am to have met him, married him and have three beautiful children with. I am so glad that we our on this journey together. I thank God for him everyday! I love you Adam!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Henry's First Dentist Visit

I went in for a regular teeth cleaning and thought I'd bring Henry so he could see what it's all about before he had to get this done for himself, for real. So he watched and watched and the wonderful Pam, who cleans my teeth, was kind enough to explain to Henry what she was doing. When I was done she asked him if he wanted to come up and have a seat. He was pretty reluctant so I had him sit lay on me. She cleaned a couple of teeth and then gave him the thing to spit in clean your mouth out with, he knew just what to do! Then she cleaned a couple more and then said, "Well, I might as well keep going". I was like YEAH! It went off without a hitch! He did it no problem!

He was happy to have a new toothbrush and guess what color he picked? Yup, orange! Sweet boy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Prize Is Your Prize!

My random number website picked you Angie! You won! Contact me here so I get your prize to you! How fun! See, on my little site your odds are good! :)
Fun to see what you all were doing this weekend! I got a great idea to check into gymnastics for Karley. My only problem...not really my problem for me, but it might be for others....I know Henry will want to do it too. Is there anything so wrong with that? I mean he's just about three.
Remember when I told you I won 16 Deluxe Edition "The Jesus Storybook Bible"? Well, they came! Check this out! I have to say I love this book (of course!). I love all the color and the presentation. We have already started reading it. But it might be a little more advanced for my age kids, almost three and 2.5 and yes too advanced for baby....although, Sophie paid attention the best!

We haven't listened to the CD's yet

I like how the layout of the pages are all different!


Do you love it?

I do!
If you do, please leave me a comment below telling me what you might be up to this weekend!
I will randomly draw one lucky winner on Monday!
Thanks Zondervan!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another week has already gone by. Where's does it all go? Time that is. You can head over to MckMama's blog in hopes of a great prize and to add your link to the Not Me! Monday list. If you didn't already know about it that is.

I am going to throw in a Not Me! of my Wonderful Husband's. Just for fun. When I was loading up the dishes from the morning breakfast I noticed that one of the bottles I loaded from the night before was missing from it's orderly place I put it the evening before. Hhhhmmmmm....Hunny did you think this was clean in the middle of the night/morning (whatever you call it at that hour)? Not him! He would know that I didn't run the dishwasher the night before.

When grilling our long anticipated beer chicken on the grill yesterday when first checking on it after it had been on for some time did not discover that it was pretty much ON FIRE! Not him!

And what else? I'll add one of mine. I was not so into getting the perfect picture at the pumpkin patch yesterday that I was not actually really hollering HENRY! Just to get his attention and a picture for my Christmas card or anything. Not Me! And it wasn't really loud that my Wonderful Husband was in turn quietly saying, "Tina"...give it a rest with the camera. Not me! I know when enough is enough with the camera and I wouldn't holler and expect him to turn and give me all his pearly whites. Not me! I know what I am doing at all times and I nebber ebber make mistakes.

Have a great week!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday morning I was enjoying a quiet moment with Sophie. She just finished up her bottle, burped and was all snuggled up on my chest. It was so nice and peaceful as she was falling to sleep. I was just burning the moment into my memory. Then I hear this little buzz, buzz, buzz, noise. What is it? It stopped. Back to my memory saving. There it is again, buzz, buzz, buzz. I better get up because, you know, it's never any good right? That's right! So I walked towards the noise. There they sit....Karley with every scissor I cut with out. All eight of my EXPENSIVE hair cutting scissors all over the floor. And Henry....and the buzz noise? That would be a trimmer!

Oh wait, did I tell you we have church pictures on Saturday morning?

Yes, Henry took the trimmer to his head and here's the result.

And this would purely be my own fault because I did leave them all in a bag in the entry way. We came in at bedtime from going to my sister-in-laws for haircuts and we was preoccupied by getting the kids to bed. I left it for the next morning. I didn't think it would be the next morning after my almost three year old gave himself a haircut.

Sophie, our dear sweet Sophie.....she slept almost all day yesterday. With exception to waking to be feed and changed this was it. Not on Daddy as you see here but never the less, she slept. I had to keep checking in on her to make sure she was okay.

This is a picture from last week. She is getting more head control. She sits on my lap and just looks around taking it all in. I feel like the newborn stage is pretty much over. She has lost a lot of that brand new baby feel. She's in clothing that is 3-6 months and it really can't be just 3 months as it's too short. I took her to the doctor at the beginning of the week. She was 12 lbs 5 oz which is 90% and 24 inches which is 95%. No wonder the 3 month clothing is too short. All of my babes moved through the clothing really fast. By one they were in 2T but managed to stay there until almost three (so far).

Karley Janie....she's just been so lovely lately. She has been talking more and more. She tries to say everything and does a pretty good job. It's just such a fun age right now for her. I'd have to say it is my favorite so far, the 18 mo to 2.5 range. We'll be moving her to a "big girl" bed soon. We had Henry in one by this age but with a new baby we weren't ready to tackle bed time issues. I am thinking in January but honestly I am ready to do it now. And that's kind of what happened with Henry....I just brought the bed upstairs one day, took the crib down and that was that. This time is Henry & Karley share a room so that could be a little problematic all on it's own. Just last night when they were in bed, I was outside the door and heard Henry say to Karley, "Karley, what should we do?". about go to sleep! There could be a huge adjustment so I am not really ready to tackle this yet.

My Wonderful Husband, what has he been up to? Well, when not busy at one or say three of his work projects (yes, he is that busy!), he spends with the kids reading. They so love Daddy to read to them. He usually reads a bed time book. I'm with Sophie rocking or getting ready for bed of some sort unless she wants to listen and then we all pile in on Henry's bed and listen to, "Five Little Lady Bug's"

And when he's not doing that....he is doing this.

And me? What have I been up to lately? Well, I've been trying to limit my computer time. I feel like it robs me of precious time with my kiddos. I have had to get my priorities a little bit more clear in the last couple of days. I have so many things that need to be done. Little things like baby books, picture editing, mail, projects and then there are things like laundry, cleaning and all that business. Plus I've started a Bible study on the book of James. I am completely loving it!

We hope to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend as it's been raining or snowing and cold almost every day. It's supposed to warm up to mid 50's this weekend so we better hurry up and get there!

That's lately....what have you been up to lately? Give me a shout in my comments to let me know how your October is going!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here's my quick Not Me! Monday post. I didn't really brand anything in my mind as I did for last week. But I'll give it a whirl in hopes of a great prize over at MckMama's blog . If you didn't already know...she's the creator of Not Me! Monday's.

In efforts to get out the door early on Saturday morning, so we could get to my sister's early, I did not spend my alone time in the wee hours editing pictures and posting them on my blog. Not me! I knew that I had a lot of things to get together so we could leave by 8:00 am, I wouldn't "waste" my time bliggity blogging instead of getting ahead of the game for the day. I know better.

AND I am not doing the same thing right now, when the house is in dire need of some laundry and picking up nevermind the actually cleaning that needs to be done.

AND because I never seem to be distracted I would never make myself a "chore chart" and be all excited about it only to have it abanded by the second day. Not me! I mean really...if I was going to make this stupid chart you'd think I'd at least follow it right? Ya, Not me! I should know myself a little better by this point huh? Well, you never know, I might just use it yet.

My fish, the five we've had for quite some time now, never get neglected either. Not me! I always remember to feed them on time (as written on the chore chart).

Uh oh...neglecting the fish reminded me that the dog ran away (yes, again) and she's been gone for a few hours now...I better go.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cosmic Night Out

I am so tardy with this post. I've been trying to get myself a little more organized around the house and haven't quite figured out a good time to dedicate to posting. It works this Saturday morning because everybody is still sleeping. Husband is not off to work as usual! Good for him and good for us! We miss him!

Last Friday night we went out for Chris's 40th birthday! Happy Birthday Chris! My Mom drove her little SUV three hours to for an overnight to play with her grandchildren and give us a night out. We are so glad that she was able to come and help us out and the kids were really happy to play with their Gram!

We went to one of our local restaurants, Axel's. I call it local, even though it's about 20 minutes away. When you live out in the middle of corn and bean fields anything 20 minutes away is local or you're our neighbor. We had some appetizers and a glass of wine. How nice to sit and enjoy a peaceful meal with my husband where we could talk without interruption. Except of course, for somebody to ask how we were doing if we needed anything more. Wow! We need to do that more often.

Then we headed over to wish Chris Happy Birthday and join the gang in some Cosmic bowling.

This was obviously a mistake picture but there was something about it that I thought was kind of cool.

It was really supposed to be this. Adam and Lisa. You may know Lisa as a guest celebrity of our local radio station KQ. I'm not going to give up her on air name....but some of you may recognize her if you've ever been out to Vegas with the show.

Here's Connie....the pro bowler of our tour.

And this picture...why does it look like he's so high? Well, because it's "High Tower".

And this guy? Have you heard his laugh? Let me just tell you...Wooggie has a very contagious laugh!

Huh? He beat me?

And again? I tried so hard! I've got it!

I think I win total pins!

And here's my perfect form...bowling form that is!

It was a really cosmic night! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Morrissette's!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay here's my quickie Not Me! Monday....I am trying to stay on top of things around here! All goes much smoother that way! Not me! Comes from MckMama and you can head on over to her blog and view ALL the Not Me! Monday posts and today you can comment if you don't have a blog and win a crown from here. Just click here and join in!

We were rushing out the door so I could make my first of three doctor appointments for the week....and I quickly (is this a theme here?) made the kids lego waffles for breakfast. And no, they weren't the frozen ones because I, of course, always make mine from scratch. I would never serve frozen waffles. Not me! But anyway, I popped another one in the toaster (because it's just that easy) since Henry wanted more. I knew he wouldn't eat it so I thought I'll just eat it on the way in the car and then I won't waste it. Of course with kids and their food....we never waste. Not me! So off we go. Upon my return I see the waffle peeking it's head out of the top of the toaster. Ya, I forgot all about it. Well, it was lunch time so I just re-heated it and whola...lunch! Wait a second, that might be gross, I'd never re-heat a frozen waffle that had been sitting in the toaster for three hours and call it lunch. Ya, Not Me!

For most of the last three years we've pretty much have had two kids in diapers at one time. And you know, I never get busy and caught up with whatever might be going on around here. That being said, there's no way I would be able to tell you that if you let your child sit in a diaper too long it will crystallize. Not me! Somebody must have told me that happens. I've never actually seen something like that! Not me!

Remember my last week post? The fruit flies? I went totally nuts over this. I did a little research and took advice from many of you. And I certainly wouldn't have to resort to this.....

Can you tell what this is? Because it never really got bad or anything! This didn't happen to me. Not me!

Do you have a Not Me! you'd like to share? Please post if you don't have a blog and if you have a blog I'll stop by and read...just let me know you were here and what your blog address is if I don't already follow you! I'd love to read your blog and your Not Me!

Have a great week!

Friday, October 2, 2009


This is Harry. I mentioned him here first. He is my husband's puppy from 32 years ago. My late Mother-in-Law, Karla, saved it all these years. Harry was brought out from a closet in her house just before Henry was born and we took him home to live with us.

I found the tag on Harry for one of my readers, it says, Product of Dankin & Co San Francisco, CA.

My Mother-in-Law bought this puppy for Henry. Actually, my sister-in-law bought the puppies and brought them home to my MIL. See it was too hard for Karla to get anywhere just before Henry was born. She was coming to the end of her short life, no thanks to liver cancer. So her daughter went out and got a few special items for her soon to be sixth grandchild. She would then "shop from home" and my SIL would return whatever didn't work. The puppy and the blankie I mentioned previously were just a couple of those special items. I'll post about what the other special item was and how it was a gift to us even after she passed away.

In any case, Harry is very similar to Henry's puppy. Probably as similar as you could get 29 years later. It's a TY puppy.

And this puppy, which you will almost always see with Karley was also from my Mother-in-Law. Daphne (SIL) just didn't have the heart to return it especially knowing we were going to have more children.
It's Karley's absolute favorite. It goes with us everywhere. When she tires from carrying it, I do.

Sophie has her blankie and Auntie Daffy is on the lookout for just the right puppy in honor of Grandma Fisher.
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