Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 16

Oh it's been a long time since I've participated in Seven Quick Takes.  Recently, I was told by a friend that she enjoyed reading them, so I've been inspired to do one this week.  Here goes.

I've re-tooled my Rule a bit but I'm not quite finished with it.  I really want to wrap it up so I can get back on a schedule.  I have most of it in my head but some of the daily tasks need to be added.  I am thinking ahead to warmer, no jacket required weather and getting out of the house to enjoy time outside and some bread making.  Wish me luck on that one. 

Running has entered the picture again so that needs to fit in somewhere on the schedule.  MacGyver is awesome at telling me to just go and run but it's really hard to get the motivation to run 5 + miles on a treadmill.  {Katie, I don't know how you ever ran 18 on a treadmill.}  I ran outside a few times and that was such a treat I was spoiled.  Then we had snow and more snow so running outside was out.  It's still dark in the early AM before MacGyver goes to work and after dinner it's dark too.  I find it a little scary to run in the dark.  In about a month this will all resolve itself.  The goal?  A half marathon on April 16.  I was hoping to try for a personal best but the lack of training is going to make me think of "try to finish" as the goal.  I'll be looking for a race close by for the end of May or June, possibly something September or October as well.

Not only do I like the high calorie burn running provides because basically, I like to eat, but I also really need to lower my cholesterol.  It's high.  I mean really high, especially with family history.  Yikes.  So I've been thinking of cutting a few items out of my diet or drastically lower their consumption.  We eat pretty well, for instance I avoid box anything (cereal is the exception and still not frequent), avoid high fructose corn syrup (so hard to do these days, you really must read labels), we eat our fruits and veggies.  So what could be cut?  From the information from the doctor I guess it's red meat and butter.  I really don't want to use anything but butter so I'm in a quandary.  Red meat....well, I guess I better start ordering up more of those home grown, butchered in the backyard, chickens we get.  Yes, think Food Inc. 

We've had two wonderful playdates this week.  Two in one week is a real treat, both with brand new babies.  The kids loved it and so did I!  I think Sophie really loved having Cori over.  She liked seeing another little girl her size and ability by her side.  And today we are going to stay with my sister for the weekend while MacGyver goes ice fishing.  The kids will really love that!  They so love playing with cousins!  I also love staying with my sister.  Also, on tap is cutting my Grandpa's hair.  It will be good to see him.

Speaking of Grandpa....he's holding is own.  I need to get another update from my Dad.  On top of everything else I am told that Grandpa is now anemic.  This is due to his kidney failure.  Evidential our kidneys produce a hormone that we need to keep us from being anemic.  When in failure it's not produced and I am not really sure what the downside of replacement hormones is.  That will be discussed between my Dad, Grandpa and doctor.  We cherish each time we get to be with him and as always pray we for him.

MacGyver and I have been watching season four of Big Love.  For some odd reason I love this show we get from Netflix.  I get so excited when one of those red envelopes comes in the mail.  I fear yesterdays envelope might be the last of the season.  I can't wait to for the next season to be released.  Is it even over yet?  I had to quit following it on facebook because there were too many season five spoilers.

I leave you with this favorite.  It was taken a few months ago and she has never wavered from her answer.  This was my first time going this....I would have liked to cut the end but wasn't sure how or where, so sorry it drags on. 

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Prayer & Thanksgiving

In good company I was.  Early Saturday morning I had the privilege to sit with eight women.  Eight women of God who all shared their many ideas on family prayer.  I might guess some, like me, at the start of their journey, others so seasoned the inspiration was free flowing into my journal  And others maybe somewhere in between , just as inspiring. 

We had coffee with our cream, Carmel rolls, donuts and one beautiful woman sent us all home with prayer cards and valentine treats.  They shared books, rituals, curriculum, faith and love.

"...I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." ~ Jn 13:34-35
It was an awesome feeling leaving the church, having been inspired by women who all want to help each other and one another's families.   Quite providential that I had the opportunity to meet with these women.  I say, a heartfelt thank you, to my dear friend Kristen.

And the counting continues...

Scheduled computer time
Husband who grocery shops...
...and knows what we need if when not on the list
Being okay with letting activities go
Coffee with a new friend
Community of school
Caring for sick husband
Laundry folding helpers
Learning theological virtues
New insights regarding children
Slumber with Karley
Re-Arranging more rooms
Change of attitude
Learning to accept all as gratitude first
Not going through the motions
Like minded women
Birds chirping in -16F temperatures
Letting go of fear...
...trusting it will be okay
Taking time to play
123-Magic working well day one
Job charts
Fridge Friday
Time for cleaning car
Early AM rising again
Meeting with awesome women of God
Learning new ways to pray as a family
Respect for husband
Loving, embracing how he loves me
Loving him as him
Seeing things in a new light
Lunch date with Kristen following Mom's Group
Husband who takes care of kids while I have a mother's retreat
Husband who takes care of me & kids while I was sick
Outside play in warm weather
Feeling better
Morning Prayers
Early Start
St Valentine
Kids who put dishes in the sink when finished eating (it's the little things!)

Numbers 542-584

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nobody Told Me - Guest Melissa Nesdahl

Her tiny arms wrap around my neck as she whispers, “I love you, mom.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” I whisper back.

Wiping her hair away from her eyes, I consider the word my child just whispered.


Every child has an innate longing to be loved. They want to know that they are appreciated and desired beyond measure. Delight is found in the idea of this word from the time they are born.

Yet, its meaning has been so twisted by selfish, ungodly desires in our culture that the simple misuse and misunderstanding of this word has destroyed the lives of countless youth today. It is time that we clearly explain Godly love so that young people can set a healthy standard in their relationships.

To help accomplish this, Internationally known abstinence speaker, Pam Stenzel, and I released our first book together (with Regal Books). Entitled Nobody Told Me: What You Need to Know About the Physical and Emotional Consequences of Sex Outside of Marriage.” we compiled approximately 8 years worth of the best teen and young adult stories and questions about God’s design for love and relationships, Scriptural encouragement, media influence, peer pressure, abuse, pregnancy, STDs, emotional heartache, recycled virginity, and choosing abstinence until marriage and put them into a fun Facebook-like format.

This book is perfect for every student (12 and up) regardless of the choices they have made. For those who have abstained, this book will offer a window into the heart of their peers, provide answers to difficult questions they still might have (and be afraid to ask), strengthen them to remain pure until marriage, and offer for them suggestions to help them live that out. For those who have made mistakes, this book will give them the opportunity to hear stories of young people struggling right along with them, but within that commonality our words will provide clarity where there was confusion, hope where there was pain, experienced forgiveness from a loving God, understanding that their past choices don’t have to define their future ones, and practical steps to redeeming their future.

Some of you may not have teens (12 and up) yet. Good news, the book is still FOR YOU. Why? Because we live in a rapidly changing world. The consequences that today’s adults faced as a teens are no longer the same as the teenagers of today. The number of STDs has risen, media exposure delivers wildly different messages, and the people in the home and church haven’t always known how to effectively deliver an abstinence-based message that is both glorifying to God and yet honest and powerful enough to pack a punch with the students who hear it.

With Godly teaching and important up to date facts, we bring everyone up to speed and successfully communicate a message of Godly love that empowers ALL students to choose self-respect and Biblical choices from this day forward.

On the cover, popular Christian recording artist states, “This book is relevant, powerful, and packed with truths that all young people need to hear.”

Do not pass it by. We don’t want your child, the child you mentor, or any other young person that you love to have to tearfully say to God, their parents a physician, or a future spouse, “Nobody told me. I didn’t know.”

Thank you for allowing me to share in your day and introduce you our book!

God’s Blessings,

Melissa Nesdahl

Melissa Nesdahl’s website
Pam Stenzel’s website
Fan Page for the Book -!/pages/Nobody-Told-Me/119424511453919

Thank you for guest posting Melissa! 

In Christ,


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Post Tomorrow

For the first time ever I am going to have a guest post tomorrow.  Melissa Nesdahl is a wife, mother, author, writer, and volunteer who loves Jesus!  I think I met her from Twitter?  From one tweet that lead to another tweet  perhaps?  Retweet? 

This was the first post I read on Melissa's blog.  I was moved by her friend Pam's story and I am sure you will be too.   Please stop back tomorrow to read more on what Melissa has to say about her book.

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  We awoke to a warm -20 F with a high of 4F right now and amazingly, I heard birds chirping this morning!

Stop back tomorrow!

Karley Jane - Celebrating Three

Monday, February 7, 2011

Multitude Monday Vol 21

I started the morning early, earlier than I said I had to.  I'm thinking He is telling me it will work, somehow.  Maybe He's telling me He needs to talk to me during these quiet hours, to ask for more grace throughout the day to get me through.  Maybe He's also telling me that if I follow my Rule it will work out better.  Listen in the quiet to get you through the swells of the chaotic.

My morning quickly turned blue with husband wondering what was wrong.  Sometimes there's just nothing a person can do but bang out their blessings and be reminded.  And the reminder of the last two weeks helps the blue wash away.

The Bible Book Store...
...great service from Debbie
Husband who loves me
For getting a another wonderful book in the mail
Good deals at the grocery store
Healthy children despite colds
Advice from Ped
Giving books away
Understanding husband
Having husband for my BFF
Donuts with the S family
Holding a new baby
Discussing books with Mrs. S....
....and Bible Study
Good sounding boards
Chili Feeds
All our kids running free in the gym together
Good meeting with spiritual director
Coming home to a full house
Coming to a better decision
More donuts
Scattering for morning appointments
Making large amounts of food
Grilling husband
Grandparents, sister & nieces spending the night
Conversations at the breakfast bar
Additional family gathering for worship
Birthday Guests
Wonderful out pour of love for our Karley Jane at her birthday party

Letting go of making birthday cakes
Photobooks arriving at the door
Husband who is satisfied in the small treasures of his birthday
Children who are excited to pick out gifts for Daddy

The joy on their faces when he opens their presents
Remembering Pineapple Upside Down cake just in time
Laundry piles
Knowing a messing house is sometimes just going to be
First Dentist Appointments

Old pro and new pro at the dentist
Accepting vocation with Joy
Knowing when enough media is enough
Reading books to children
Learning to trust His Will
Hearing my son tell me I forgot to say the morning school prayer
Sneaking a quiet minute to learn more about her ideas of thanksgiving
Spring cleaning
Dinner chairs that couldn't be any closer
Loving text from husband
Karley's birth three years ago

Wonderful daughter that she is
Going out for dinner for her birthday
Eating ice cream in the middle of it all
Great feeling of family and blessings while eating ice cream
Bible Study, haircuts, lunch & playdate all rolled into one morning
Pinks of the morning sky
My sister on her birthday
Re-Arranging of rooms
Husband home to help with projects
Movie night with husband
Henry & I going to church
Henry wanting me to read him the book on the Mass for kids
Nephew's birthday gathering with family
Kids playing well
New discipline techniques with Daddy starting them
The grace to know blessings when I felt like I didn't have any

Numbers 475 - 541

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swing Sets & CSN Stores

With highs of 9 degrees Fahrenheit my kids and I have been dreaming of Spring and Summer.  So much so that I've been doing some online shopping for our Swing Set.  I have been thinking of either the tire swing, a full bucket swing (we have an old half bucket that might need re-placing) or a telescope.  I haven't seen one this spinning wheel and I know the kids would love this!  So much to chose from, any suggestions?

It's quite obvious CSN Stores has a lot to offer and the customer service is top notch!

I also wanted to let you know that I got this fun cookbook holder in the mail a few weeks ago. 

Notice the cookbook it's holding?  Ya, my husband likes to make the pancakes and the sugar cookies from it.  I also see that I forgot to take all the post its I have marked before I took the picture.  Opps!  The cookbook holder a silver color, small in size so it doesn't take up too much counter space.  I move it all around the kitchen depending on where I am cooking.  It also looks great as a decoration, as does the cookbook it holds!

Don't forget about CSN Stores the next time you are doing any online shopping!

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