Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tennis, Golf & Embrace

Either something was going on with Blogger today or it just plain doesn't like all these pictures being added.  Sadly, this took way too much time and a number of things on my to do list didn't get done.  The thing is, once I'm set on doing something, I'm set and it's hard hard hard to walk away.
My parents came last weekend to visit the kids and a little golfing of their own.  Last year for Christmas the kids got tennis rackets and golf clubs.  I didn't get around to as many lessons as I would have liked but my parents filled in the gaps this weekend. 
Somewhere in the middle is an Embrace the Camera picture but in reverse.  I embraced the camera with my Mom.
Enjoy the Sun Kisses......
Love having a ball hopper!

She has a racket but was all done by the time I got to photographing her,
Karely seems to be a bit of a natural in the athelitic department.
Keep your eye on the ball.
Embrace the Camera
Tee it up
Square up to the ball
Taking a break to enjoy the "flowers"
Giving it all away.
Gram & The "Gramkids"
God Bless!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Embrace the Camera 8.16.12

Emily writes a beautiful post today on why we  Embrace the Camera, take a peek and join us....your kids will thank you!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Day of Two & Embrancing the Camera 8.9.12

Embracing the last days of two, together at the Como Zoo.

Sophie as the Grumpy Old Troll

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dora, Dora, Dora....

...the explorer....this is my little explorer waiting to see Dora at the Mall of America today.  She was so excited at the same time didn't really know what I meant when I said we were going to see Dora. 

Just last week while "reading" herself a book she said, "Dora, talk to me".  I don't think this Dora talked to her but I could kind of tell what might have been said. 

We saw Dora many times today and this is just a tip of the ice berg on photos.  This was our first trip to the Mall on Toddler Tuesday and my first trip with all three by myself.  It went great, they were so so good.  I felt really blessed to have had such a great day!

Oh and needless to say, her birthday party will be another year of Dora.  All she would like is the Dora Halloween movie.  YEAH!

Today was the third to the last day of being two.  Boo Hoo.

Have a blessed day!

Four Days Left of Two

These are the last days of having a two year old.  Bittersweet.  From the looks of these pictures it looks more sweet than anything else.

We went to the a splash pad in the city with some friends we haven't seen in quite a few months.  It was a blessed day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Henry is Riding Solo

While on vacation we noticed that Henry was finally ready to have the training wheels come off his bike.  Camping allows for a lot of bike riding!  We could tell he wasn't really using the training wheels anymore, so we got him mentally ready to shed the extra set of wheels.  

He wanted to wait until we were home, then off they came.  He did so well as you can see by these pictures.  I think you can see happiness and the concentration, all at the same time. 

He was even lucky enough to receive a lesson on reattaching the chain. 

What a day, my baby rides a bike!

For the record, it was blazing hot outside.  Henry has on lined pants to prevent injury during a fall that never happened.  Still, he wasn't too sure about putting his shorts back on for more bike riding.  He eventually did opt for shorts and loves riding his bike every chance he can.  

God Bless,


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Embrace the Camera 8.2.12

Before we left for vacation I stumbled upon the blog called The Anderson Crew, Our Life with 3 Boys and 3 Little Ladies.  I was either looking at junk blogs (junk/crap turned into something new and wonderful) or a photography site.  My guess is the later, but it could have been both. 

On Thursdays Emily hosts Embrace the Camera, where Mom actually gets in the photo with her kids.  Her story is one that I felt myself because...years ago I went looking for a picture of my husband with his Mother.  We hardly have any pictures of her and I thought the best picture would be of the two of them.  {She passed away days after Henry was born} I couldn't find one.  My Father-in-Law probably has a few in a box somewhere, however, it was my hope was that my husband would have some.  It was sad that he didn't. 

So I vowed to make sure that we are in pictures together with our kids and that we have the kids with each other.  When I found this Emily's site it reminded me to be better about this, not for my husband and I, but for them.  I doubt I have many pictures with my own mother either, something I can still do.

So here's my first Embrace the Camera post.  Sophie and I last year at the zoo.  She's just as lovey today.  I'm so thankful!

by Daphne
 Embrace the Camera!
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