The Priceless

Adam, is wonderful husband, who I have been married to for five years.  He's my best friend, a caring, loving and patient father.  He keeps me laughing and smiling in our busy life raising our three children.  I admire him for all that he is, all that he does, and everything he is for our family.  He's one remarkable McGyver too!  I am so blessed to be his wife. 

Henry, our beautiful four year old son.  The big brother who loves playing with his sisters, loves Thomas the Train, trucks, trailers, has a sweet imagination and a soft heart.  He is truly a joy for us. We am awestruck by the things he does and says.  He started pre-school this year and while the first day was rough, he is blossoming and now loves school. 

Karley Jane, our two and a half year old Muffin.  She is full of heart, a great sister, mother to her babies and best friend to her puppy.  Her smile and laugh will melt your heart not to mention her hugs and kisses. We have recently found a little competitive side to Karley.  She loves to keep up with big brother which isn't hard since they are so close in age. 

Sophie, the baby, who really no longer is considered a baby to anybody but me.  She's growing up way too fast for us. Her personality is started to peek through with delight.  While she used to be a Mommy's girl she is fast becoming all her Daddy's.  She loves keeping up with big brother and sister and has discovered she loves to hear herself talk.  She brings so much joy to our family. 

We are so blessed!