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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Henry is Riding Solo

While on vacation we noticed that Henry was finally ready to have the training wheels come off his bike.  Camping allows for a lot of bike riding!  We could tell he wasn't really using the training wheels anymore, so we got him mentally ready to shed the extra set of wheels.  

He wanted to wait until we were home, then off they came.  He did so well as you can see by these pictures.  I think you can see happiness and the concentration, all at the same time. 

He was even lucky enough to receive a lesson on reattaching the chain. 

What a day, my baby rides a bike!

For the record, it was blazing hot outside.  Henry has on lined pants to prevent injury during a fall that never happened.  Still, he wasn't too sure about putting his shorts back on for more bike riding.  He eventually did opt for shorts and loves riding his bike every chance he can.  

God Bless,


Friday, June 1, 2012

Pre-School Picnic Graduation

Each year the kids have a fundraiser about half way through the year to raise money for a picnic with The Teddy Bear Band.  Usually, the band performs at a local park and we sit on blankets, listen and watch the kids dance with their favorite teddy bear, followed by an awards ceremony.  After all this we have lunch potluck style and then say good-bye to our friends until we all meet again in the Fall. 

This year we have been abundantly blessed with rainfall and had to have the picnic in the school gymnasium.  Since it was in the school, the Kindergarten and First grade classes we invited to listen and dance to the band.  The kids really loved it and quite frankly it filled up the large gymnasium so we didn't feel like we were such a small group.

My children, all of them, loved the band.  Last year they were too shy to get up there and dance, I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree.  This year all three of them danced and threw their teddy bears all around.  I think by the time Sophie goes through the pre-school program she's going to be a pro.

I was super sick on that morning.  I tried calling my sister-in-law to come get the kids.  I really didn't think I could make it but by the grace of God I pulled through enough to get there, get some pictures {with the new lens I got for Mother's Day} and get my children fed without bringing anything to eat from, with, or bringing a dish to share.  Thanks fellow parents. 

Needless to say, the rest of the day was a movie day.  And I am so thankful my husband, who rocks, came home to pack all our stuff for camping and feed the kids.  I'm one blessed woman!

I tried not to think about it too much but on the inside I was super teary that Henry would be moving on and this would be his last year of the Teddy Bear Band.  Seeing the Kindergarten and First grade in the gym made me think maybe he'd get another year of it, even though he'll still be in Kindergarten.  It's pretty obvious I'm going to miss being with my son for the majority of the day in Kindergarten, even if he's ready.

What a blessing two years of pre-shool have been for Henry and this last school year for Karley. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Henry's Last Day of Pre-School

The thought of Kindergarten int the Fall makes me super sad.  I just can't believe how fast Henry is growing up.  I know once all day, five days a week school comes, time is going to go even faster.  Our lives have changed so much since we first brought Henry home.  Not in a way different than any other family, just different from the days when we didn't have places to go, errands to run, obligations, event, etc. 

I love summer already and hope the pace goes slow.

Henry loved going to school this year.  He still doesn't say much about what happens at school.  Instead I hear Henry and Karley playing out school or asking each other if they did certain things.  Otherwise he just says, "I don't know" what they did in class.  This was the answer last year, not very helpful to this mother, who wants to know everything he does!  Since he's the first, I'll be guessing again next year.

Ms. J said Henry was a great student with good manners, and very easy going.  This would be most like his Dad.  He learned some Spanish words, numbers and the alphabet in sign language.  He loved having his friend Grace in class {I think he has a little crush on her}.  He missed four days of school. 

His favorite things to do in school were "Centers" and playtime. 

This summer he is looking forward to golf, tennis, soccer, swim lessons, going to the races, camping, playing, getting together with friends and cousins.  Did I say some thing about a slow pace?

I missed many pictures when my camera was getting repaired {dropped it on cement garage floor}.  This day was one where I missed my real camera and my smart phone was absent most of the day as well.  Thanks to Mrs. B for taking pictures for me!

Congratulations Henry!  You'll love Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daybook ~ 5.14.12

Around the house

I've booted the dog to the garage or outside again.  Her hair is just so much to keep up with.  I would love to keep her in her kennel during the day but the door to the kennel is in the shut only position.  Why?  Mother Robin decided to build her nest on the corner of the kennel where the door sits.  A very difficult place for us to let both babies grow and the dog lay in the sun.  We gave way to the babies.  It has been fun for all of us to watch the babies grow. 

Android Photo

Listening to

Heavy machinery.  One of the roads that borders our house is getting curb, gutter & storm drainage put in.  Very good for us, even though we lost a few trees and privacy.  We are now a little more exposed in our backyard.  I was so fearful of how open our backyard would look, but in the end it does look better.


Still reading St Theresa of Avila's Interior Castle.  I am scheduled to be done reading it in a few weeks, but I am now behind, again.  I managed to catch up a few weeks ago but it's been hard to find time to read the last couple of weeks.

On the Menu

Even though I had high hopes to get a menu in order for the last two weeks, I missed the boat.  I would love to get something down for the next two weeks at least until Memorial weekend.  Even though the meals are decent, I feel like it's all thrown together and not very much effort is put into a wonderful meals.  Tonight is meatloaf.  I also hope to start making bread again for the summer.

Home Learning

We put our garden together on Mother's Day.  Henry was the most interested or maybe his age kept him the most interested the longest.  He did a wonderful job helping Adam and then took off doing his own planting.  He has now been asking Adam to till up his own garden.  We have extra tomato plants.....

School Learning

This is the last week of school for the kids.  Next week I have conferences for Henry & Karley and then they have their combined pre-school picnic later in the week.  This week they are having a mini field day, learning about taste and smell and saying good bye to their classmates for the summer.  We will see some of them throughout the summer though.


Last week I ran a total of 35 miles in four workouts.  I'm a little injured but am able to still run.  I ran with my sister last Saturday for 18 miles.  Actually, I ran 18 miles but only 16 with my sister.  I had to encourage her to go ahead of me.  I was slow, slow, slow and she was ready to get the run over with and still had enough to kick it in gear.  The last two miles was all hills some steep.  Two of them for about 50 yards I walked when I realized that I could probably walk faster than I was "running".  It was nice to run with my sister.  That was the first time during all this training that I actually ran with somebody.  (During our half marathon she ran ahead.)  I have one more long run next week and then I'm in the taper down before the marathon.

Moments of Gratitude

All things Mother's Day (separate post)
Running with my Sister
Grandma & Grandpa taking care of the kids while we run
Water re-fills along the route
Drive by's on the route to keep us inspired
Second opinions
Warm weather
Safe travels

Thinking about

Still thinking about my summer Rule.  I need to sit down this week and pull it all together since next week is really summer vacation!


I'm praying for all people to know and love the Real Truth.  For people (including myself) to know and love what is good, true and right.  To know the freedom of living in God's Rule.

The Week Ahead

Dance.  Running (lighter mileage week).  Small outside projects, flowers, sprucing things up, getting ready for the large outside projects.  Hope to have a bonfire with Adam this weekend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making it Count ~ B & W Photography

Every week, Pam and Sarah are co-hosting the Making it Count Tuesday link-up. Start with any one of those fabulous ideas you've found online. Then, do it. Make it. Cook it. Create it. Take it from the screen, give it life and let it bless your world. When you're done, snap a photo, write about it and share it with us.

Make your time online count.

We're meeting at Pam's today!
It was suggested to me early this week to convert the picture I have on my facebook timeline into black and white so when I saw Sarah's post I was happy to sit down and take in a lesson on black & white, something other than just clicking convert to black & white.
I use photoshop elements 9 and have decided that this summer I am going to take an interest in actually learning how to do a few things with this application besides just clicking on the guided or quick fixes.  Here's my first try. 
This is my SOOC (straight out of the camera)

Here's the quick edit black & white:

And finally from the tutorial from Katie Evans as best as I could figure out from my PE9:

Side by side I could really see how much I liked the tutorial by Katie Evans version:
What do you think, which do you like best?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Multitude Monday

Over the last few months Mondays with Ann have passed me by and by.  For awhile I did keep track in my own personal journal, just didn't add them here.  I heard whispers to come back, count again, I just couldn't quite decide where I thought it best to resume counting.

I never did decide on the number to resume at, just that I need to listen to those whispers. 

Spiritual Direction
School Cancelled ~ Another day at home
Wonderful weekend with my family
Husband who grills all year
God never leaving my side
My beautiful church ~ the peace I feel there

Christmas 2012

Creative play children

Children who play well together
Community that comes together for a little girl & her family
Grace to get past dog hair so we can all enjoy Piper
Change in spirit
Change in Rule
Kids learning new games

Ability to feed our family good food
Kids who eat good food
Having the same dreams as my husband
Karley being so good about going gluten & dairy free
Snow finally ~ kids love to play
Four wheel drive {snow}
Kids who ask for more Jesus books
Pajama Days
My New Thanksgiving & Prayer Journal

God Bless,


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies

Last week the kiddos and I gathered twice for cookie baking.  Both a success for the fact that we have plenty o' chocolate something or another type cookies to eat.   It was great to spend the day with my sister-in-law one day and two other great friends just a couple of days later.  I do cringe to think about all the calories as I lack self control.  The last picture is definitely why!

Hope you are enjoying your Advent season!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

I give thanks to God for all, most especially these beautiful people entrusted to me.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween 5K Run & Tot Trot

A few weeks ago I ran in a Halloween 5K and the big kids ran in a Tot Trot.  Well, they sort of ran in the Tot Trot, at least poor Henry did.  I say poor Henry because when all was said and done, while on our way home I realized that he wasn't just being shy around his little school friend Grace, he wasn't feeling well.  Bad parenting moment there, when you realize that you just pushed your kid to run a half mile race, {all the while wondering why he was the last runner at almost five because by the running in the house you know he can run faster} only to find out he was sick and spent the next two days on the couch.  Yah, great parenting.  But look at these pictures, does he look sick? 

How about Karley?  Well, she didn't run to far and I ended up piggy backing her across the finish line.

Me, well I had a PR of 26:26 for a 5K.  I was super excited until somebody with a fancy schmancy Garmin said there was no way that was 3.1.  Bummer.  My take on that, well, it's down on the record books as a 5K so how about I just take the 26:26?  Thank you, I will! 

I almost forgot, I also won my class and received a nice Halloween medal.  The playing field is a little less competitive when you are in your 40's.  At least for this race it was! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Babysitter

My good friend Mrs. S was so kind to share her babysitter with us.  We were finally able to call on her last week.  It was only for a few hours and I did have her feed the children.  Usually, when get a babysitter the most they have to do is give the kids a snack and put them to bed.  This time I didn't think twice that the young lady couldn't handle feeding them and putting the Littles to bed.  I was so right on this one. 

She was playing with them before we walked out the door and my kids were actually excited (as they always are) that a babysitter was coming.  Is this a bad thing on my part that they are excited??

While the babysitter was playing with the kids we went to dinner and then went to a talk by Fr Rocky of Relevant Radio.  He spoke about five virtues to teach your children.  I can't say enough what a great talk that was.  You can read more about the talk here.

When we got home Miss H was doing her homework at the breakfast bar and gave us the following:

All the dishes were done, toys picked up and dirty laundry folded.  We were both in amazement.  We've only had a few babysitters, and this was the first time we had this caliber of babysitter.  Now the only question was did the kids like her? 

The next morning Karley asked if Miss H could bring her to school.   There was an overwhelming consensus that they liked Miss H.  The only downfall is that she's a senior and doesn't have a younger sister.  We are going to take full advantage of dates until next August!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Fifth Birthday Henry!

My baby turned five last Sunday.  If I wasn't reminded daily that he's getting bigger, I don't know if I could believe it.  To me, it seems like just yesterday we were telling our parents that we were going to have a baby.  Now, five years later our family is blessed beyond belief, our eldest marking five years.

We had family and close friends over for lunch on Sunday.  I really like the cooking part but as you can see by the cake, I am not much of a baker.  It stresses me out too much and the cakes I have made never turn out they way they should.  I've skipped cake baking and found a famous (in the county) bakery that worked quite well.  I am just really hoping that one day one of my kids will love cheesecake so much they will request it.

Henry didn't have a kid birthday party this year.  Even though many of the kids in his pre-school class are having them, we decided that we would wait for that when he's in Kindergarten.  Cousins and friends, there are kids a plenty.

One of the only things Henry requested for his party was a pinata.  {Which secretly worked out good because we were able to unloaded some of the Halloween candy!}  The pinata was just about to break after all the kids took a couple of whacks, me, being the smart Mom that I am, I thought it would be a good idea if Henry could give Spidy the final blow.  Was I wrong.  Once Henry got the idea that his hits were delivering candy and his crazy mother was telling him to keep hitting it, all the kids were getting the candy and he was not.  So, he threw the bat down and ran off crying.  Poor kid.  Silly Mom.  Dad finally got him back and one of the big kids finished Spidy off.  Yeah candy!

This birthday was a little harder for me than the past four.  When Henry turned one I cried, while getting ready, secret tears throughout the day and when I watched him sleep in his crib that night.  I wondered if all mothers went through this or was it because I was seven months pregnant?  I would bet it comes and goes through the years.  This year was another one of those years.  He's just gotten so big, smart, courageous, kind, great helper and even more loving ever day.  I am amazed every day at the things he says, does and how he interacts with others.  He's such a blessing and I feel so incredibly gifted to be his mother.  I am reminded by this boy and his sisters how loving God really is.  As well as how generous Adam by work hard so I can be home with our children.

Henry didn't have school on Monday which was nice.  We all enjoyed the morning hanging out, not going anywhere for a change.  I received a boy education in Lego's.  This is a very time consuming endeavour learning how to build Lego's.  It was hard to let the work pile up but worth every minute. 

Happy 5th Birthday Henry!  We love you so much!

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