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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday....

....Sweet Karley Jane!

You woke to a room filled with as many pink and pink balloons as I could blow up and sneak in your room before you woke.  You were pretty excited to have your birthday, this was the first year you counted down the days until your fifth birthday. 
On your birthday Mom made you muffins for breakfast, since you're the "Muffinator" (an expansion of the nickname "Muffin" Daddy gave you).  You brought heart cookies to school to share with your friends, your teacher traced around you on a long long sheet of paper.  You wore a new outfit that you received from Mom & Dad for Christmas with your pretty purple dolphin earrings.   

After I picked you up from school we came home for lunch followed by an afternoon of play with your sister and I.  When Henry got off the bus you all played together, celebrating your birthday.  He made a little party for you in his room.  It's also amazing what some balloons can do. 
Daddy came home early which was a nice surprise and then we went for dinner at the Pizza Ranch.  (It's close and all of you kids like it.)
Aunties, cousins and Grandparents called or left messages of birthday song for you.  Your face lit up with joy each time the phone rang, which in turn melted my heart.  You spoke very clearly on the phone and had nice conversations, you are five now and it's showing.
You opened your presents when we got home, which was again a joy for us but even more joyful for   Henry and Sophie.  They gave you this little dog that opens his eyes and makes little puppy coo sounds.  It was your favorite gift and you now like to take it everywhere you go.  You even brought it to school on Friday for share time.

On Sunday we had your birthday party with aunts, uncles, cousins and Papa.  Usually Auntie and the girls come on Friday but we were expecting some bad weather late Saturday into Sunday and we advised them it was best not to come.  In the end it was probably the right decision because they would have arrived late Friday night after you went to bed and would have had to leave less than twenty-four hours later.  We sure did miss them though.  Grandpa J & Grandma S weren't able to come due to the snow storm on Sunday as well.  Gram & Gramp are in Florida for the month of February and celebrated with you before they drove three days South.  But all our local family were here and our good friends the M's made it too.  They love being your Godparents and are always happy to come see you.  Your Godmother loves buying you clothes since she has two boys.  She buys you cute things and you love wearing them.  As a matter of fact you even love drawing yourself wearing the cute clothes she buys you!

Yesterday morning you were happy to report that you didn't suck your thumb at all the previous night, we wonder a little bit about that.  In any case, you are making an effort.  If I do see you sucking your thumb while holding your puppy during the day, the code word you told me to use is, "stop sesame seeds, please", then you stop and smile. 
While you speak very very clearly and have every since you learned how to talk there are a few words that you might still mix up.  I have a hard time correcting you because I think they are really cute and one day you just won't say words like "muzit" for "music" anymore, then you'll be even older.  So for now, I just smile and count it as a blessing that you still have some little left.  Next Christmas you probably won't say, "one horse soap and say" for "one horse open sleigh" in Jingle Bells so I don't correct it.  For now, I just want to hear the last bits toddler mix up I can.
Speaking of music, Karley you love to sing and you are so good at knowing the words,  I can't believe all the songs you know.  You also love dance class with Miss N and that carries over to dance shows at home for us.  
You are very kind to your brother and sister and your teacher Ms. J tells me you are very kind to the other kids in your class.  You love Pre-school and do very well.  Ms. J tells me that you are ready for Kindergarten next year and you are excited to about this.  I will be sad for you to be away from home all day though, I'll miss you terribly and so will Sophie.
Karley Jane Doe, (Dad has started calling you that years ago and now when we ask you what your whole name is, you think it's "Karley Jane Doe Fisher".  Dad and I just smile.) we love you so much, you are such a special girl who is loved dearly by every member of our family.  You have an amazing personality and bring such joy to our home.  The last five years have flown by, but we won't ever forget all the beautiful you bring to us each and every day. 
You are a gift from God that we treasure immensely. 
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Kardey Janey Doey!

With all our love,

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-Model ~ Girl's Room

It's been a few days since I've posted.  You'll understand why by looking at this:


This was a few days in the making.  I knew it would take some time and effort so Tuesday this is what we did.  This was a pre-cursor to more changes.  The dresser has seen it's day and will be sitting at the bottom of the drive as soon as Big Daddy hauls it down there. 
Starting from the top, the walls are going to be painted pink and pink.  Until recently this room always housed a boy.  It started out like this with many thanks to my friend Amy!

Looking at this picture for too long could make me shed a tear.  Time has gone by so quickly.

So dark pink & light pink on the walls.  Two twin beds with while headboards and footboards is first choice.  They will be where the bed is now and adjacent to that.  I found an dresser to paint white as well as a night stand.  The new/old dresser will go where the closet is and that will be closed off.  The new closet will go where the dresser currently sits.  The plan is for the carpet to be re-placed with hardwood floors and a rug.  We'll see how far the budget reaches.  But we're in for some changes. 

This closet as it is now will be a closet in Henry's room.  I'll post more about that with some pictures another day.  I'm getting my part ready for Adam to be able to get into this room.

I started my Lent plan a little early.  I bagged up two garbage bags full of clothes to donate along with one Target size bag of garbage.  I'm counting this as 3 bags into my goal of 40 bags.  That was progress!

Today, we had a two hour late start with some little friends over before and after school.  Kids are enjoying the extra company.

It's been a good day to catch up on calendar things and moving piles from one place to another! :)

Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Catholic Schools Week

We just wrapped up Catholic Schools Week!

The week started off on Sunday when we went to late Mass, a rare thing at Casa Fisher.  We chose the late Mass because after there was lunch and a carnival to kick off Catholic Schools week.  The kids had so much fun playing games, putting people "in jail", winning prizes, face painting, and hanging out with their friends.

We ate lunch with another family that have twin girls in Henry's class and then we all went to the carnival.  It's fun to see how our kids interact with their friends and it's cute to see how at Karley's age(pre-school) they just say "hi" and stay closer to us.  Kindergarten has changed all that for Henry.  Not only is he friends with all the kids in his own class but he's been busy making friends with older  children as well.  This likely happens since Kindergarten through second grade eat lunch together and play outside together. 

Monday the kids were allowed a non-uniform day and wear their clothes backwards, inside out, etc. They walked to the local assisted living apartments and sang "Jesus church songs" for the elderly.  Tuesday, also a non-uniform day, was neon and the kids played some fun games.  We didn't have anything neon so we went for the brightest green we could find. 

Wednesday was a uniform day as they had Mass.  Our school along with another school celebrated Mass together as a part of our Area Faith Community.  {I think it's a rare thing for there to be two schools in an Area Faith Community.  And it's even rarer that our school is Pre-K - 12.}  After Mass the Kindergarten students joined for a snack in our Kindergarten classroom.  The students were mingled together and it was really special to see my son engaging in conversation with another little boy his same age that he'd never met before.  I sat and thought about how big he really is getting and how school is opening him up to other people and things all while keeping him grounded in our faith.  During Mass I watched him sing with the other students and take part in the Mass which is not how it is when he's with us.  School seems to challenge him and keeps him accountable in different ways than home.  I'm very grateful. 

After snack the elementary kids gathered in the gym and were presented with a show by Critters & Company.  From their website:  "Critters & Company uses a unique medium of live animals and their stories to share with the children relationship building concepts".  The kids had a great time and learned about the animals as well as how teasing can affect others. 

Thursday the kids wore their comfy clothes did some special projects.  Friday they wore a special t-shirt made for them that was like a snowman.  I missed getting a photo of this.  I was going to get one after Mass but since it was -14F -minus wind chill school was two hours late.  This was actually the third time in one week school was two hours late due to weather of some sort.  The children didn't have Mass and I didn't get a photo. 
Henry and his classmates had a fun week.  The week was about recognizing our students, teachers, priests, fellow volunteers, benefactors and our faith.  We absolutely love this school and are grateful for the sacrifices so our kids can receive a Catholic education.  I feel in the world we live in today, the best chance we can give our kids to keep God in the forefront of their lives is that they don't check their faith at the door when they leave our home.  We love that their faith is being learned in our home and at school.  We have come to know other families and have even been aided by them in our recent time of need.  We love our school family and parish!  

Happy Catholic Schools Week! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Karley & Pre-School

She waited a whole day after big brother went to school for her first day, it wasn't easy but she made it.  Karley absolutely loves Pre-School and her teacher Ms. JoAnne.  For breakfast she picked homemade blueberry muffins and this adorable little dress. 
On Henry's first day she did ask many times when Henry was going to be home.  She missed him.  The last four and a half years has gone by so fast and now that we are in full swing of school, it's going even faster.  Karley is having fun while learning which is the most important thing.  I do miss us all being together. 

Happy last year of Pre-School sweet girl, don't grow up so fast!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tennis, Golf & Embrace

Either something was going on with Blogger today or it just plain doesn't like all these pictures being added.  Sadly, this took way too much time and a number of things on my to do list didn't get done.  The thing is, once I'm set on doing something, I'm set and it's hard hard hard to walk away.
My parents came last weekend to visit the kids and a little golfing of their own.  Last year for Christmas the kids got tennis rackets and golf clubs.  I didn't get around to as many lessons as I would have liked but my parents filled in the gaps this weekend. 
Somewhere in the middle is an Embrace the Camera picture but in reverse.  I embraced the camera with my Mom.
Enjoy the Sun Kisses......
Love having a ball hopper!

She has a racket but was all done by the time I got to photographing her,
Karely seems to be a bit of a natural in the athelitic department.
Keep your eye on the ball.
Embrace the Camera
Tee it up
Square up to the ball
Taking a break to enjoy the "flowers"
Giving it all away.
Gram & The "Gramkids"
God Bless!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Embrace the Camera 8.16.12

Emily writes a beautiful post today on why we  Embrace the Camera, take a peek and join us....your kids will thank you!

Have a blessed day!
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