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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Asked & The Door Opened

I was struggling.  I didn't know if I would finish well, if I'd have to start walking, if my body would hold up until the end.  It was after all seven years and three babies since my last feat of this caliber. 
Your mind wanders, you think of all kinds of random.  Most of all you don't think of your body, if you can.  If you can't, you'll overwhelm yourself.
I was thinking of my body and being able to finish.  Then I starting thinking about God.  I wondered what I could do for Him, if he would help me finish this race.  What would please Him?
I know, if you allow me to finish this race, I promise, I'll go to confession.
Yes, I really did say that.
Two and a half years ago in June I finished the half marathon, with my family all waiting for me down by Lake Superior, all thanks to God.   
It took another month or so to finish my part of the promise.  That's when the ball really started rolling or should I say running?

June 2010

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.                                                                                                ~ Matthew 7:7

Friday, June 29, 2012

Grandma's Marathon ~ 26.2

We set our alarms for 4:44 AM, not 4:45 AM because it's better luck to wake at 4:44 AM.  {Something about all numbers the same on the digital clock and a wish.}  These summer days, that was a little early for me.  Plus nerves and somebody getting up for water, {which turned out to be more than just water}, made for a sleepless night.  I have come to expect a sleepless night before an unknown race.  I also have come to know that it all works out and sleep doesn't really matter the night before.

We dressed, had our coffee {a must}, bagels and headed out to meet the bus to take us to Two Harbors, MN.  It was really nice to have my sister with me getting ready and on the bus ride, somebody to talk with, share the experience with and our nervousness.  This was our first Marathon and I am super grateful to have had this experience with her.  Not only is she my sister but she is also my sole sister!

We arrived among many buses and unloading runners in Two Harbors about 45 minutes prior to the race start.  Which was only enough time to wait in line for the bathrooms, apply some sunscreen {the forecast called for clouds so we didn't think of it as we were getting ready in the dark and thankfully the start line had some} and I applied Ben Gay to my calves.  I figured it wouldn't hurt and really doesn't it just smell purty!  We lined up at the 5:00 hour mark.  That was about where I thought I'd be and I didn't really see any point in pushing through the already in place line to get any further, especially since I'd probably just get passed.  Tonya on the other hand probably would have benefitted getting closer to her time of 4:30.  But she stayed with me, what a sister!

The race started with the National Anthem and a fly by of two fighter jets.  That just sends chills all over when they go by!  Right on time, 7:45 AM the race started.  It took us four minutes to cross the start line. 

The weather was forecasted at cool, overcast with a slight wind NNE, which would be to our backs and coming off the lake.  Then for late runners {I like how I'd be considered a late runner and not a slow runner}  the winds would change to SSW and become really humid and rain.  I didn't mind the rain part at all but was dreading humid weather at the end of the race when I anticpated not having any energy left. 

While training during my long runs, I ran with a water belt but for the race I decided to take water at the water stops, which meant I would have to walk through them.  I wasn't the biggest fan of that but also didn't really want to run with the water belt.  I did pin a bunch of gel packs to my shorts so I could take those when needed.

As I mentined earlier there was a definite need for sunscreen as there wasn't a cloud in site.  The first miles went good, very normal, with the first water stop at mile three.  Every two miles after that, until mile 20 there was a water stop.  After mile 20 there was a water stop every mile.  I tried to take my gel packs every four miles figuring there would be a water stop a mile further.  It somewhat worked until at some point I needed the gel pack earlier and lost count where I was.   Then during the last few miles I think I piled a few in me so I wouldn't lose steam and look like a mess on Suprior Street.

It was hot.  Around mile eight I started thinking this was going to be tough, I had 18 miles to go {which was the furthest run I did in training} and I was already feeling like this is getting hard.  I just kept thinking to the next water station, where I'd get a short walk and then at mile 13 I'd see my family.  It was so helpful to know that they'd be there.  Even though I thought it was getting a little hard I was doing a 10 minute mile and saw the 4:30 pacer about 200 feet ahead of me.  I thought I might catch up, was over the moon thinking of that time at the finish, but as soon as I hit the 9 mile water stop I lost the pacer.  I stuck to my plan of walking through the water stops to make sure I got enough.  Maybe next time, maybe another race.

Right about this same time, mile 10, I started to feel a cooler breeze come off Lake Superior and was seeing more clouds.  WONDERFUL!  That's when things started to turn around and I was feeling really good.  At this same time there were many people passing me, many people were starting to walk and I just started taking the whole experience in.  Every mile that passed since mile three I thanked God for the experience, prayed for the runners and said a Hail Mary.

Towards the end of my training I was pretty tired of running.  Not so much the actual running but the time it was taking to do the runs and how much sacrifice it was for me, Adam and our family as a whole.  I firgured this would be my one and only marathon, so when I was out there I really took the time to relish in the experience.  This isn't something I usually do, more often than not, I plow through whatever it is just to move on to the next thing.  There was really something special about this marathon that kept me in the moment that I was.

There weren't any crowds gathered at mile 13 so I didn't see my family.  I knew it must not have been a good spot on the ajacent road for them to have stopped.  Instead I saw them at mile 14 and even then, I almost didn't.  I was looking and on the correct side of the road but unless Adam didn't holler my name (I paused my shuffle ahead of time so I could hear) I might have missed them.  I ran over and gave each kids a kiss as well as my husband.  What joy it was to see them and I was so thankful.  It really does something for your spirit and body to see family. 

Right after that I had to use the bathroom.  That was about a three minute stop.  Three minutes.

Somewhere around mile 20 I saw a man coming up on my left side, he was tethered to another man.  My first thoughts were something like, what's going on here and then my mind jumped to children with leashes on.  They passed me and then I saw the tail runner's shirt.  It read, "Guide for Blind Runner".   I was in awe, simply amazed.  I thought this was the most charitable thing I'd seen all day.  They kept pounding the pavement and I'd wished I would have said something.  Thankfully, I was able to pass them a little further down the road and I told them I thought they were the most amazing people I'd seen all race day.  They both turned and said thank you.  AMAZING.  If I remember correctly, they did end up finishing ahead of me.  I was also told that the guide did not have a race number on and therefor was truly only doing it for the other man.  What a God sighting that was!

Around mile 22 I took my last gel pack.  A little while later I started wondering why my heart was hurting.  I had a single thought of worry and then I remembered that my last gel pack is always with caffeine.  I guess I had enough adreneline that I didn't really need the caffeine.  {Note to self}  I was hoping to not look like I was about ready to die coming into the finish line and thought I better take all the energy I could.

I saw my Dad & Sally at Lake & Superior on the left side.  I saw Sally right away and she saw me but my Dad was looking further down the street and I had to holler, "Dad, Dad, Dad" before he finally turned before I was out of sight.  It was good to see them!

Then about 100 feet down the road I saw my nieces with bright pink signs that said, "My Auntie Rocks" and "Auntie Go Go" on them.  They were with my Mom & Jim.  Mom was snapping pictures.  Awesome to see more family!  Oh and this part of the road wasn't the best to run on.  I felt like I had to watch for all the uneven brick.

Then around the corner to the back side of the DECC where I found Henry, Karley, Sophie & my dear Adam.  He also snapped a few pictures.

Just after this you go under a bridge (I think it's Lake Street bridge) and turn the corner and then it's the last stretch.  Just after this spot a girl next to me was struggling and asked me, "Where's the finish line".  I so remember my first half marathon being in that same place, thinking it would never end.  I offered her some encouragement, knowing it was almost over.

I saw my family on the bridge and then I rounded the corner. 

I kept looking at my watch and wasn't exactly sure how this was going to end up.  I knew that there was about four minutes between gun time and my chip time and that at this point I knew I could have both of those times under five hours if I trucked.  So I pretty much started to sprint as much as I could.  It felt great, I could hear the clapping, was checking my watch, everything was great, calves started cramping really really bad.  There wasn't much I could do and I only had a few more feet to go.  I kept checking my watch and at the same time I wondered if I was going to curl up on the ground afterwards and look like an idiot after sprinting.  I knew that wasn't the smartest thing to do.   I had so many thoughts going through my head as I crossed the finish line, I meant to stop my watch but paused my shuffle instead.  Then I realized that I didn't have the shuffle on and had to hit pause again.  Finally found my watch and stopped that.  This all happens in a matter of seconds and you don't even know what you're doing.

I felt great at the end.  The cramps went away right away.  The weather was nice and cool, even so much that I grapped the foil things they give you after the race, which was great!  I grabbed so food, bagel, banana, salted nut roll, chocolate milk.  YUM.

It was a great race.  I love every part of it.  I didn't "hit the wall" towards the end like I thought I would.  I am very thankful for that. 

My Times:

Chip Time ~ 4:54:57
Gun Time ~  4:59:02

While my sister had a much better time than I did of 4:24, she didn't have a great race.  She felt sore the entire time and in the end she thought she could have had a better time.  As for me, I think I could shave off time by running with a water belt and only fill from my bottles vs walking through every water stop.  Otherwise I think my average mile time of 11:16 is about right for this kind of run for me.  Maybe I could beat it a little.....we'll see!

Thanks for all the well wishes, support and prayer.  I couldn't have done it without all that and it was only possible through God!

In Christ,


Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day Half Marathon Re-Cap

My sister and I ran the Earth Day Half Marathon last weekend.  It was her fifth or sixth half and my third.  We both had PR {Personal Records} on what was a cooler rainy day.  The race was on April 21 and the weather can be very iffy.  All in all it was okay running but the kids {all five of them} could have used a little sunshine. 

As I laid in bed the night before the race I was calculating out my time, trying to see how fast I'd have to run to be under two hours.  In doing the math, I knew there was no way I could hold the under two hour pace for that long.  I wanted to do better than my previous PR of 2:12 two years ago, but that was really already fast for me. 

Tonya already had a PR of 1:57 {I think} and she was hoping to make 1:50 {I think, it might have been 1:55}.  I told myself 2:05 would be great but anything under 2:12 would be good too {and really just finishing would be a worthy achievement for me}.  So we lined up in between these two pacers then after we crossed the start line we parted ways.  Go sister go!

I was expecting to see Adam around mile five or six depending on the weather.  He took my sister's two girls and our kids but wasn't sure about going if it was pouring rain.  Can't blame him, we were thankful that he would even consider taking five kids from 2.5 to 8 by himself.  {You mothers with that many or more all on your own are probably laughing at that!}  I did see them at what I think was about mile four, then again around mile 6 and at the finish line.

I struggled the most just after mile three.  That's about where I heard two guys talking and turned a little to see that it was the pacer for 2:05.  I then realized that there would be no way I could keep that pace for 10 more miles.  Shortly there after I started taking gel packs.

From there things were pretty good and all in all I took four gel packs.  That's probably a lot but they work, so I took them.  I also wore my water belt which allowed me to passed through water stations.  Maybe good but maybe not.  I think it did save some time and some would say not much but the real reason I wore my own belt, I always seem to need it at times other than the every two miles offered on this race.  {During the marathon I'll take water at the stops and probably walk through them}

There are a lot of twists and turns on this course as it goes through a residential part of town.  There was one strait stretch for about a mile that was on a walking path.  Sounds like it would be great but there also weren't very many people there so it seemed longer without the crowd support.

All those twists and turns allowed for a weird opportunity to see my sister.  She was doing really well and it was such a boost to see her.  From the point I was passed by the 2:05 pacer I kept thinking the 2:10 pacer was breathing down my neck.  So when I was at the point my sister was at when we saw each other, I saw the 2:20 pacer and thought I must be doing alright cause it took me more than 10 minutes to get to that spot. 

The last part of the race was all downhill without a hill to get to it.  So happy for that!  All in all it was a good race.  We had fun getting there and surprisingly it was the first race Tonya and I ever ran together.  Afterwards we went for a burger and a beer.  Neither of those two things were a good idea.  I feel way better with just a protein shake and honestly, I think I should have ordered the pasta.  Oh well, now I know and won't make that mistake come June!

My results:  Actual Finish:  2:08:37 / 9:50 pace.  PR.
Tonya's results:  Actual Finish: 1:54:14 / 8:44 pace.  PR {She totally rocks!}

Now on to the big event, that is if I make it past the 16 this weekend. 

In Christ,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween 5K Run & Tot Trot

A few weeks ago I ran in a Halloween 5K and the big kids ran in a Tot Trot.  Well, they sort of ran in the Tot Trot, at least poor Henry did.  I say poor Henry because when all was said and done, while on our way home I realized that he wasn't just being shy around his little school friend Grace, he wasn't feeling well.  Bad parenting moment there, when you realize that you just pushed your kid to run a half mile race, {all the while wondering why he was the last runner at almost five because by the running in the house you know he can run faster} only to find out he was sick and spent the next two days on the couch.  Yah, great parenting.  But look at these pictures, does he look sick? 

How about Karley?  Well, she didn't run to far and I ended up piggy backing her across the finish line.

Me, well I had a PR of 26:26 for a 5K.  I was super excited until somebody with a fancy schmancy Garmin said there was no way that was 3.1.  Bummer.  My take on that, well, it's down on the record books as a 5K so how about I just take the 26:26?  Thank you, I will! 

I almost forgot, I also won my class and received a nice Halloween medal.  The playing field is a little less competitive when you are in your 40's.  At least for this race it was! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 5

We've been out of "boy" pull-ups all week.  Henry refused pink princess pull-ups so we woke him up before we went to bed and put the dreaded pink pull-ups on him.  {We rarely see a dry pull up on him in the morning but more often than not do on Karley}  We remarked that we can't believe he doesn't through a fuss anymore {okay, I of us really should get to the store!}.  Then Wednesday night he asked,  "Are you going to get me some more boy pull-ups"?  "Yes, son, we will".  Then later during the nightly escapades Karley said to Henry, "You have girl pull ups on".  Henry replies, "We ran out of boy pull-ups".  I think we really need to save this boy and get him hooked up.
Update:  I went to Costco yesterday!

While on my Costco trip I purchased this book.  {Costco price was $10.99}  I was super excited to have "learning time".  I told myself that I could be his teacher after this post.  Also, I think that pre-school being right around the corner scares me to wishing I could home school.  Mostly because I don't want my baby to be gone even though I know he'd probably benefit.  {With the exception of picking up bad behavior from other children.  It kind of seems like you work so hard to correct the potential bad behaviors that they have only to send them to school to get more}.  Am I right?
In any case, after the learning experience of today and days past I am not so sure I could be his teacher.  I can't even get him to hold the fat crayon correctly without complaints of his hands hurting.  UGH.

Whoa is me?  Maybe.  Okay, yes.  It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week.  My poor husband.  All I can come up with is that I need to get myself back on a schedule, need to get out of the house more, and quite possibly, some time to myself.  Do you all schedule time to yourself?  Or get time to yourself? 
Update:  I am pulling out of my slump!  YEAH!

Last Friday night Sophie moved from tummy to sitting up position!  Yeah!  Yesterday she was sitting up in her crib!  Yeah baby!  We have the woman coming to the house on Tuesday to assess her.  I've been going through more things with her.  She cries and hates it but we do it anyway {things like going up the stairs}.  Unfortunately, her scooting way of getting around seems to cause a few things that are going to work against her.  Like the stairs....she wants to sit and push back in the middle of the stair.  I think the "help" will be good so we can get her out of the bad habits.

Today Karley had an accident all over the bathroom floor.  Thankfully it was in the bathroom.  As I was cleaning the floor Henry adds, "It smells icky, like compost in here".  Uh, we don't have a compost.  I am going to guess he remembered an episode from Curious George.  Good laugh in the middle of cleaning up the floor!

The pictures in this post are just things around the area in which we live.  Just some random things here and there.  As much as I loved living in the city {yes, the actual big city of Minneapolis *Uptown*} when I was younger, I really enjoying living in the country.  While we currently live *in town* I would say we're still country.  It's everywhere, I love it.  Our hope is in two years time to be on our own land and have a large garden with possibly a tree farm.

Running.  Oh ya, that thing I used to do.  Well, in the last month since the race, I've ran four times.  Not good.  I think I just needed a break.  It's amazing how much you lose when you don't run all the time.  I hate to make excuses but the the weather has kind of been awful for running.  I am just not into running with 90 degree temperatures and 80% humidity.  I do want to get back on the horse though.  Maybe a Fall race will help motivate me.

Have a great weekend ladies! 
{I don't think there are any men out there that read my blog????  Maybe I am wrong?  If so, you'll have to give me shout!}


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garry Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon / Grandma's 1/2 Marathon - Race Re-Cap

We left for Duluth early Thursday evening managing to dodge tornadoes, rain and heavy wind gusts most of the way there.  We stayed about 15 minutes ahead of tonadoes but did get rain and wind.  We heard sirens going through a few towns and saw five tornado spotters within a couple of miles.  It was dark and a little scary but we made it! 

We camped just a few miles from Canal Park in Duluth.  It was actually really nice for us to camp vs. staying in a hotel.  With kids our ages it was nice that they could ride their bikes and have down time in a campground vs hotel.  It worked well.

Friday morning we went to the DECC to get my race packet and have spaghetti lunch.  This also worked perfect because we didn't have to sit and wait for a meal like in a typical restaurant.  {Restaurants have been getting interesting lately and we've come to the conclusion at this point we'd rather get a babysitter and enjoy ourselves when eating out.} 

The Whipper Snapper race was next on tap Friday.  They had all these boys and girls line up and "race".  First were girls under four of which they had like four heats.  Karley wanted me to hold her hand so off we ran.  We were probably the last people to make it to the finish line which certainly didn't matter to us.  Seeing the sun on her face, hair blowing in the wind off the port, looking up at me, while holding my hand was the best mother moment.  She was beautiful, running along so gleefully, proudly, energetically.  The imagine of her has been burned in my mind forever.

After girls ran the boys four and under ran.  Henry was a little unsure about it but in the end he did it and he absolutely loved it.  I was afraid he might not do it.  I was so bummed at the thought of him not running because I knew he would love it.   He's been practicing his running for a few weeks now!  I took this picture on Thursday morning.  He asked if they could go for a "run".  I so love that they are interested in doing athletic things.  I don't even care what they do just so long as they do something to get themselves moving.

It was pretty warm and windy so we went back the campground and made an early night of it as we were all wiped out.  Or so we thought.  Both Henry and Karley were so overtired they were kind of crying and whimpering for much of the night.  It wasn't the sleep I was hoping to get but that's what happens with kids right?

Saturday morning I got up at 3:50 AM showered and got ready to leave for the DECC at 4:30 AM as the bus to the starting line left at 5:00 AM.  I sat with a really nice woman named Katie.  We chatted the whole way {go figure}.  It was a cool morning with overcast skies....perfect running weather!

A woman sang the Canadian National Anthem, The American National Anthem and then the gun went off.  Cheers, cheers, cheers until you got to the start line.  Because I am a slower runner {slower runners line up to the rear so as not to cause traffic for the faster runners} it took me just about three minutes to get to the start line.  When you cross the start line you hear beep, beep, beep as one of each pair of shoes crosses the line.  The churp is the chip that will track the actual time from start to finish. 

I lined up close to the 2:15 pace runner in hopes to stay as close to that time as possible.  I thought if I could at least keep the pacer in my sites {figuring I could see about 1/2 mile ahead of me} I would be happy with my results somewhere at the 2:20 - 2:30 finish time.  The first six miles went really quick.  I was ahead of the 2:15 pace runner and actually never saw him after the first 1/4 mile.  I was amazed.  I started taking water at mile 5.  Then around mile 6 my entire body especially my legs felt like a ton of bricks.  Crap.  I gassed out at mile six or seven.  I kept thinking, "What was I going to do?"  I thought I better just take my gel pack, what was I going to save it for at this point if I was lead?  So I took it and I swear I could actually feel the change in my body and I was totally different in a matter of minutes.  I trucked on.  At rates better than I thought.  Until Lemon Drop Hill.  UGH.  I ran the first half of the hill and if there wasn't a second part I wouldn't have had to walk.  But there was, and I did.  Normally when I walk mentally it's over but that's a long way to walk with your head hung low.  I picked them up and ran on.  It was hard at times but I knew my family and friends were just ahead. 

Then I hear it.....Eye of the Tiger.....ha!  I just kept seeing Rocky climbing the stairs....hearing the words, "You've got to fight Rocky, you've got to fight"  So on they go.  My legs have a life of their own, not connected to my body, except that my mind makes them push on.  I see this amazing sign by a teenager saying, "Hello complete stranger, I am proud of you".  I point at her, smile, give her thumbs up.  She smiles.  I know she understands that her sign made my day {I also saw the man playing bag pipes, cheerleaders, many many signs, a frat house offering beer, a sidewalk lined with troll dolls, men in drag cheering, water hoses being offered to cool runners, among other things}.  Now I see my Dad & Sally.  They are waving, clapping, cheering.  I am glad they got up early and drove an hour and a half to see me.  I keep going but broke down and walked once again.  Only for a short distance, then I signaled for the long limbs to lift higher and further.  Over the freeway, around the corner, more family and friends.  I know they are there.  I see the love of my life first.  I see my nieces, Kris, Dylan, Cole, our kids, my sister, my Mom.  They are all cheering.  I hear cow bells.  I am thrilled. 

I am almost in the chute.  Just around the bend, after the bridge.  My Dad & Sally wait above for me to run under and cross the finish line.  Around one more corner, in the chute.  He calls my name over the load speaker as I finish.  YEAH!  I finished!

Gun Time: 2:15
Chip Time: 2:12:12

I am happy.

I meet my family in the tent area.  My husband hugs me, whispers in my ear how proud he is of me.  I am emotional, he gives me a kiss.  I thank him as this would not be possible without the sacrifice he's made for my accomplishment. 

We end the day at Canal Park by watching our friend Brad run the same spot I did an hour prior.  He's running 26.2.  His first marathon!  He did awesome, trained hard.  His wife sacrificed time as well, juggled schedules to make sure that he got the miles in.

The kids were tired as were we so we headed back to the campground for naps, dinner and after the kids went to bed Adam & I had a campfire and a nice conversation.  I sure do love this man. 

Sunday we drove home, cleaned the camper and had a relaxing day. 

That's my 13.1 adventure and these are the shoes that took me on it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol 2 - Race Edition

It's already been another week and I have so many blessings again this week.  Is there a limit?  I think not.


Having legs that carried my body 13.1 miles to the finish line.

A husband who allowed for all my training.


Husband who pushed me out the door when I didn't want to go.


Children who think running is fun.


Children who are inspired in exercise.


Children who ride three plus hours in a car rather well.


Great Little Campers.


Family & Friends cheering.


Husband who drives almost everywhere we go.


Nice text messages prior to the race.


Nice text messages after the race.


Phone calls of well wishes prior to the race.


Phone calls of congratulations after the race.


Long hot showers (as apposed to short shut the water off during camper shower) at home.


A healthy heart that will pump for 2:12 minutes while I push and push.


A loving hug from my husband after the race.


Words whispered in my ear, "I'm so proud of you".


A sign on the course held by a teenager that said,

"Hello Complete Stranger
I am proud of you"


Water Stops.




Gel packs.


Other runners.


Grandma's Sponsors & City of Duluth.


All volunteers.


Friends who get up early to bring me to the DECC.


Support and strength for the past four months.


Shoes that kept my feet, ah, my normal feet!


Shoes that kept my back injury free.

You can link here with your own gratitude post.  Blessings to you this week!

holy experience

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whew! What a Week!

Last week was a very busy week for us Fisher's.  I have a million pictures of the things that have been going on.  I thought about doing a long post but it ended up way too long.  So I am going to have post about the Zoo with my friends for tomorrow and our out of town weekend later in the week. that cliffhangerish...he, he.  Don't you just hate those? 

We've been looking for a camper on Craigslist.  It's was quite the adventure to say the least.  I think the price range we were looking in was hot, to say the least.  You really had to be on the ball in order to even go and see one.  Adam had been looking quite intensely in a 200 mile radius and Tuesday I added fiercely into the mix and sent a *few* e-mails out there.  Finally, I found exactly what we were looking for in our price range.  Get this, it was in the next town over from ours, a mere 5 miles away.  I was shocked!  I called and e-mailed that we wanted to come and look at it at 6PM.  Then really hoped they would call us back and they did.  The seller said he posted it and went to work out and had a ton of calls in a matter of approximately an hour.  We went and looked at it and made an offer. 


We picked the camper up this evening after we got back in town from a weekend helping my sister out at her house.

So here's our camper!

On the same day we bought the camper I went the the kids to look at a pre-school for Henry for next Fall.  Even though we had great advice on homeschooling, we decided to go with a private school for pre-school.  He will start in September two days a week for three hours each time.  I want to say I appreciate all the comments both on the post and via e-mail about the homeschool post!  You guys are rock stars!  The school is very nice but I have to say just thinking about how old Henry is getting very sad.

Tuesday after we got the camper I went out and ran (sort of) 4 miles.  I have mixed feelings on the run.  I was pushing myself to run 3 but only need to run 2.5.  It was getting dark and I think I had a lot of adrenaline from all that happened earlier in the day.  I was going too fast, on a new route, and it was getting dark.  I ended up walking too much.  BUT I finished it in less than my normal running time.  So good or bad?  Not really sure?  I didn't run on Wednesday (Zoo day) or Thursday (travel day).  I did run on Friday from my sister's house.  I took Karley in the jogger stroller, with flat tires with a ton of hills.  Thought I was going to die and oh yeah, took the dog.  I think she thought she was going to die!  I only ran a little over 2 miles but man, that was very hard.  I decided stroller running wasn't for me.  Then when my sister got home she said, "Oh ya, never do I leave from here as there are too many hills and aren't those tires flat?" I didn't do so bad.  But I actually hurt from it and haven't run since.  This is bad.  Very bad.  Back into a groove at home, from home, this week. 

How was your week?  Aren't you just loving this Spring weather?

So how about some fun zoo pictures?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You A Runner?

Last Saturday night I meet a few (Holly, Laura, Jolene & CM) blogging Mom's out for dinner and some awesome conversations.  Laura got there at 6:00 PM and Laura, Jolene and I left at 12:15 AM.  YIKES!  That was one long night of a lot of fun!  It was great to meet CM!  We all were talking about exercising or running or something. 

CM asked me if I was a runner. 

{Ah, well, hmmm, am I a runner?  Well, not really because I have yet to run anywhere since uh, well, hmmm, let's see before I got pregnant with Sophie (that would be over a year ago).  It's been too cold to run outside lately and the roads have been icy near my house.  Hmmm....the treadmill belt is broken and even though my husband keeps asking me if I've ordered the belt because he'll put it on for me, no, it hasn't been ordered.}

All that in a few split seconds.  Meanwhile what to answer? 

{I do have big plans to be a runner.  You know, because my sister is running Grandma's Marathon in June and we've always thought it would be nice to run together in the race.  I ran the 1/2 Marathon back in like 2001 errr something like that.  She ran the 1/2 the last two years in a row.  Now she's taking the big plunge.  I said I would run the 1/2.  I haven't signed up *yet*.  What am I waiting for?}

Back to the question..."Are you a runner?"  My answer, "Uh, in my head I'm a runner".  Yes, in my head I'm a runner but my legs would beg to differ.

I was lazy lazy yesterday.  Spent too much time on the computer. {Still no twitter or facebook}  But I was looking up running things.  Getting inspired.  Shedding my excuses {can't find the MP3 player, need an iPod, too cold, too icy (well, those are a little bit legit aren't they?), can't get out of bed, can't find my running watch, need new shoes, uh, what else?}. 

I've come to the end of the line. 

I got up and worked out this morning.  I registered for Grandma's 1/2 Marathon.  I'll find out if I got in next week.  Even if I don't get in I'll sign up for another one some friends from my old salon are running in July.  I have to have a goal otherwise I'll slide.  Whereas with a goal of a 1/2 marathon each day brings me closer to the goal and I can't miss otherwise I won't be able to make it. 


While this is not actually me {I know, the missing bagel belly tipped you off} because I don't live by what looks like the ocean, I am hoping I look something like this before summer.  Or at least feel better about how I do look and feel.  I think my ticker will appreciate some exercising as heart disease runs rampant in my Mom's family.  I also had my cholesterol checked after Karley and it wasn't good.  I have some changes to make.

The party is over. 

A new leaf has started.  REALLY!

I have to be up to 3 miles by March 30.

So, are you a runner?  Do you run races?  When do you run?  If you have kids, before kids wake or after they are in bed?

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